Which Toyota car model uses the Daihatsu platform right in the Vietnamese market?

With such a low cost and highly versatile chassis, many Toyota models sold in Vietnam are used on the Daihatsu platform and most of them belong to the popular segment.

Sharing chassis platforms between car manufacturers or sub-brands is not too strange and seems to have been around for quite a long time. This not only helps car manufacturers save on research and production costs, but at the same time can also share spare parts sources with each other.

However, sharing a common platform with each other can also be a double-sided sword. Specifically, Daihatsu Motor recently became entangled in a safety scandal when it cheated in publishing safety tests, directly affecting the reputation of the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, Toyota. Notably, Daihatsu Motor is also a subsidiary of this group.

Most of Toyota’s popular car models such as Wigo, Rush, Avanza, Veloz, Raize, Yaris/Vios, Yaris Cross are all cars with inaccurate published safety results. More specifically, these car models have been and are currently distributed in the Vietnamese market.


The first to mention is the Wigo small car model, which is considered the cheapest Daihatsu car with the Toyota logo in Vietnam. Toyota Wigo once caused controversy because the selling price was somewhat higher than the car’s value and suddenly withdrew from the Vietnamese market long before the new version was brought.

As soon as it appeared in the Vietnamese market, the new Toyota Wigo quickly created a certain attraction, reaching sales of 1,457 vehicles since its launch in June this year. This figure shows that Toyota Wigo has higher sales power than Kia Morning and is only behind Hyundai Grand i10.


Next is Toyota Raize, which created a market fever when it was first launched in Vietnam near the end of 2021. This is also the model that, along with Kia Sonet, opened up an almost completely new A-size SUV segment. Similar to the company’s tradition right from the time of opening sale, dealers have suggested that if you want to get a car early, you must buy an accessory package worth from 15 to 30 million VND.

However, after a period of time being on sale, Toyota Raize’s sales were somewhat lower than those of Kia Sonet. According to the latest sales report from Vama, in the 11 months of 2023, only 4,234 Raize cars were delivered, while Kia Sonet was 10,012 cars. The reason is said to depend on supply from Indonesia, currently this car model is priced from 552 million VND.


Next is the Toyota Avanza Premio, this car model created a real fever in the Indonesian market but when it returned to Vietnam, it was somewhat disappointing when it could not compete with the top group in the small MPV segment, even after switching to domestic assembly. According to statistics from Vama, from the beginning of the year until now, only 3,082 Avanza cars have been delivered, a very low number compared to the Mitsubishi Xpander. Toyota Avanza Premio is currently priced from 558 million VND to 598 million VND for the two distributed versions.

Continuing to be the Toyota Veloz brother, it is considered the fairest competitor when compared to the Mitsubishi Xpander. However, the sales of this car model are only 7,648 cars in 11 months of 2023, still not half of the leading competitor in the segment. Toyota Veloz Cross is currently priced from 658 to 698 million VND. In fact, the on-road price at the Veloz Cross dealer is several million VND lower than the Mitsubishi Xpander.


But this is still a car model that is considered a success for Toyota in the MPV segment, because Toyota Innova has long lost its appeal, Rush was discontinued, Avanza is somewhat unstable, Toyota Veloz Cross is somewhat stable. best. Recently, Toyota also added Innova Cross to increase market share, but the initial numbers are still not enough to say anything?

Finally, a new name that was recently launched is Toyota Yaris Cross. Although in other markets this is an affordable car model, when it comes to Vietnam, it has the second highest selling price in the segment. Therefore, in the first month, sales of this car model were lower than expected.


Faced with that situation, the company and dealers simultaneously had strong incentives for this car model, thanks to which the second month of presence in the Vietnamese market had surprisingly high sales with more than 1,000 cars sold, higher than Kia. Seltos and ranked only behind Hyundai Creta.

Toyota Yaris Cross is currently imported from Indonesia with 2 versions priced at 730 million VND for the standard version and HEV priced at 838 million VND. This price is higher than competitors such as Hyudai Creta (640-740 million VND), Kia Seltos (599-719 million VND), Mazda CX-3 (549-636 million VND).

Currently, Toyota Vietnam does not have any further information about the car models affected by the above safety scandal. And according to lists from foreign media, only the Toyota Avanza model being sold in the Vietnamese market is affected.

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