What’s special about the upcoming Kia EV3 cheapest electric car model?

The electric car model with the most accessible price, Kia EV3, is expected to launch in 2024 with an expected converted price of 727 million VND.

Not long ago, Kia announced the first information about two electric car models, including EV3 and EV4, of which Kia EV3 is considered the smallest pure electric SUV model and has the most accessible price in the electric vehicle product series. Kia’s house.


Some unconfirmed information indicates that the selling price of the Kia EV3 will have a conversion rate of 727 million VND, this price is said to be the most accessible and is considered the flagship product of the Korean brand. . Compared to the previous concept, the car does not have too many changes.

Some details such as headlights and rear mirrors will be a little different from the demo through photos of the Kia EV3 being tested. The company did not provide size specifications, but it is likely that it will be equivalent to the Kia Seltos gasoline car and compete with Volvo EX30, Peugeot e-2008 or Hyundai Kona EV.


The interior space of the Kia EV3 is also minimalist and uses environmentally friendly materials. According to information from the concept version, the center console, steering wheel and dashboard interface will have many differences that are more suitable for reality.

Notably, the Kia EV3’s chassis is used on the E-GMP platform, which is being used by its two seniors, EV6 and EV9. It is highly likely that the Kia EV3 will be equipped with 400V hardware instead of 800V due to stimulating factors as well as coming with a battery with a capacity of about 58 to 77.4 kWh.


Similarly, in terms of operation, the Kia EV3 will also have 2 configurations with the option of a pre-order motor or 2 high-end twin motors. Official detailed specifications have not been announced by the company at this time.

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