Toyota Vios gradually regained its form, but could not surpass Hyundai Accent

To maintain sales, many car models have had record price reductions, including Toyota Vios with many cumulative support levels, which has had consecutive months of increased purchasing power, while keeping close to the segment king Hyundai Accent.

In November, the auto market had a lot of fluctuations, especially the sales numbers in the B-class car segment had nuances that surprised many users. Also during this period, sales of sedan models increased compared to the previous month.

Hyundai Accent

With 1,686 cars sold on the market, Hyundai Accent’s sales increased by more than 14% compared to October 2023 and continued to lead the segment in November. However, it still only ranked 2nd in the top 10 sales of best-selling cars. of the month when ranked below the Mazda CX-5.

Currently, the selling price of Hyundai Accent ranges from 426 million VND to 542 million VND, this price is somewhat reasonable compared to the general level. Compared to other competitors, some versions of Hyundai Accent have quite a lot of equipment such as automatic air conditioning, rear air vents, sunroof, etc.

The car is still equipped with a 1.4L MPI Kappa gasoline engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower, 132 Nm combined with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Hyundai Accent performance is not too outstanding compared to other competitors.

Toyota Vios

Thanks to continuing to extend incentives for car buyers, Toyota Vios has had consecutive months of positive growth with 1,556 cars sold on the market, 6.3% higher than the previous month, thereby ranking 3rd in the market. Number 10 best-selling cars of the month.


Toyota Vios has also just received an upgrade this year, but this is a facelift version exclusively for Vietnam, while other markets are all completely new generations. Maybe this has somewhat impacted sales.

Compared to the previous version, this upgrade has additional LED lights, 15-inch wheels, sports seats, gear shift lever, 9-inch central screen, USB Type C port and slight changes in appearance and technology package. Active safety Toyota Safety Sense. Toyota Vios is currently priced from 479 to 592 million VND, not including other promotions and incentives at the dealer.

Honda City

Like two direct competitors, thanks to continuing to extend strong price incentives, Honda City has had a boost in sales from 751 cars in October to 884 cars in November. However, despite having sales policies, The proposed price of this B-class sedan is still the highest in the segment.

Honda City has a selling price ranging from 529 to 599 million VND, this price is somewhat high in the segment even though it has been updated with the upgrade table with the addition of a series of new options. Currently, the car has many incentive programs for cash and accessories, but it has not yet created a strong attraction.

According to the majority of users, Honda City has good performance thanks to nearly 120 horsepower and a series of active safety systems in the Honda Sensing package with 6 features such as collision mitigation braking. , automatic adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control, lane departure mitigation, lane keeping assist and vehicle departure notification in front.

Mitsubishi Attrage

The Japanese automaker’s sedan only had 425 cars sold on the market, nearly 3% lower than last October. This is also the only car model in the segment with decreased sales. This is not too difficult to understand when faced with a disadvantage due to imported origin and therefore not entitled to 50% of the Government’s registration fee.

In addition, Mitsubishi Attrage’s equipment is only at a basic level, just enough to use, not too much like other competitors. In addition, the performance of this B-class car is quite weak with only 77 horsepower, but the Attrage’s economical ability is slightly better than other competitors. Currently, the company and dealers also have relatively strong support for this B-class sedan. The price of this car model is quite cheap, ranging from 380 – 490 million VND.

Kia Soluto

Similar to other car models, Kia Soluto is a car model with a slight increase in sales with 95 cars sold in November, slightly higher than October. But compared to other competitors, the above number does not reflect reflects too much on the appeal of this car model.

Kia Soluto has not had any significant updates for a long time, the car currently has a fairly cheap price ranging from 386 – 482 million VND for 4 versions. Kia Soluto’s advantage comes from its somewhat spacious interior space, close to that of a C-class car, but with quite a few equipment.

All versions of Kia Soluto have the same gasoline engine configuration with a capacity of 1.4L for a capacity of 94 horsepower, 132 Nm combined with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Suzuki Ciaz

Suzuki Ciaz’s sales are still very poor with only 4 cars sold in the whole market. This number is not too strange as this car model often ranks at the bottom of the segment as well as being in the top slow-selling car models of the month.

According to the technical specifications, the Suzuki Ciaz has many advantages such as spacious interior, LED headlight system, leather seats, 9-inch central screen, etc. However, the price of the car is not cheap when it has a higher suggested price. 534 million VND and currently there are not too many significant incentives along with a less eye-catching design.

In addition, although equipped with a 1.4L engine, Ciaz’s performance only reaches 91 horsepower to optimize fuel consumption, which is not a factor that attracts users. So even though it was launched a long time ago, Suzuki Ciaz is often seen at the bottom of the segment.

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