Toyota Prius 2023 is priced from 847 million VND in Japan

The Toyota Prius was first launched last November and the model is already on sale in Japan with a hybrid variant. It is expected that in March this year the car will have a plug-in hybrid version.

Toyota Prius is sold with 8 different variants in Japan including 4 versions: 1.8X, 1.8U, 2.0G and 2.0Z with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants, each variant makes up a total plus eight variations. The cheapest selling price for a Toyota Prius 1.8X 2WD version is 2,750,000 yen, equivalent to about 487 million VND, and about 3,920,000 yen, equivalent to 694 million VND for the most expensive version, the 2.0Z E-Four.

However, owning the 1.8U 2WD and E-Four versions is not easy. These two versions are available exclusively and for subscription through the Kinto Unlimited car subscription service. In addition to the exclusive 1.8U, 2.0G and 2.0Z versions are also available on Kinto.

Toyota Prius has 2 engine choices. The first is the 1.8-liter engine configuration, known to be the most fuel-efficient type, with a distance of up to 32.6 km/L (3.06L/100km). Second, the 2.0-liter model is rated at 28.6 km/L (3.5L/100km), but its bonus is a more powerful system output of 196 PS. Both the Prius 1.8 and 2.0 use a 4.08 Ah battery pack.

Toyota also says the Prius features several Toyota-first additions to the Toyota Safety Sense system. First, there’s rear vehicle distance notification, which uses the blind-spot monitor’s rear millimeter-wave radar to detect vehicles behind and warn the driver if a vehicle is approaching.

If a vehicle approaches from behind too closely, the system will give the driver suggestions to resolve the problem, including contacting the police or the HELPNET emergency call service. If the Prius is equipped with the original dash cam option, it will automatically record the event with video data stored in a dedicated area making recording difficult.

Finally, secondary collision braking, using the Blind Spot Monitor’s rear millimeter wave radar, detects vehicles behind and if it determines the likelihood of a collision is very high while the vehicle is stopped, it applies Use the brakes to slow down if a rear collision occurs. Additionally, Toyota has also released a new image gallery featuring the Japanese Prius featuring right-hand drive interior shots.

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