Toyota is about to have a small SUV, ready to take customers from the Suzuki Jimny

Daihatsu’s sub-brand, Toyota, is being asked to develop a compact, flexible, practical SUV that can go on sale soon in the future.

Specifically, Japanese local media said that Toyota is developing a small high-undercarriage car model because Suzuki Jimny’s customer base is quite large and diverse, and after many years of launching Suzuki’s SUV model, it is still not hot enough.

However, the above model will be researched and developed by Daihatsu at the request of Toyota with the proposal that it must be valuable to compete with the Suzuki Jimny in the near future. However, it will not follow the off-road trend but instead emphasizes comfort and practicality.


It can be speculated that this new model will be developed on the DNGA chassis, but it is unclear whether it is type A for small cars Wigo/Raize or type B for Vios/Yaris Cross. It is highly likely that it will come with 2 operating options including a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 105 horsepower and 138 Nm.

The remaining configuration will be a hybrid machine combining a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 90 horsepower and an electric motor of 79 horsepower. The remaining parameters still do not have specific information, some documents indicate that the vehicle’s design is somewhat wild and the ability to operate well for both urban and off-road use.

Currently, Toyota and Suzuki are two fellow brands that have a very good relationship. In addition, Toyota has held a 4.9% stake in Suzuki since August 2019, and these two companies often share platforms with each other such as Suzuki Swace – Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Across – Toyota RAV4.

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