Toyota Hilux 2023 1 AT bridge costs more than 850 million in Vietnam

On the official website of Toyota Vietnam, recently updated information about the selling price of the Hilux 2023 pickup truck model has been posted.

Toyota Hilux is a pickup model with a modern, powerful and convenient design. With a strong and unique appearance, this car line quickly attracted a lot of customer attention right from the moment of its launch. Currently, the Toyota Hilux 2023 is only distributed with one version: 4×2 AT. It is predicted that other versions of the Toyota Hilux 2023 will likely soon “arrive” in Vietnam.

The 4×2 AT version is being sold at a price of 852 million VND. Compared to the price of the old model, this time it increased by nearly 180 million VND. It can be seen that this price will be a significant obstacle when Hilux has to compete with other competitors in the same segment such as Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara. .

To match the value that customers receive after spending to own a vehicle at such a high price, the dealer said that this pickup truck model will be upgraded in terms of equipment. However, the Hilux 2023 in terms of design and engine in Vietnam has no innovation.

The new Hilux 2023 will have 6 colors for customers to choose from, but for the pearl white color, users will have to spend an additional 8 million VND if they want to own it. All engine versions of the new Hilux have been refined to meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

Regarding the engine, Hilux 2023 still uses 2.4L, 4-cylinder diesel, producing 148 horsepower at 3,400 rpm, maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1,600 rpm, comes with a gearbox. 6-speed automatic.

Regarding safety equipment, the 4×2 AT version of Hilux will include standard equipment such as: 7 airbags, ABS/BA/EBD braking system, hill start assist, downhill assist, force control. traction, front and rear sensors. Unfortunately, this version is not yet equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense package.

In the Vietnamese market, Toyota Hilux is one of the popular pickup truck models thanks to its modern appearance, high durability, and easy-to-change and repair spare parts. Previously, this pickup truck model was only ranked 2nd behind the “pickup king” Ford Ranger. However, Hilux is gradually being surpassed by other competitors, far behind in sales.

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