To avoid inventory, many Nissan dealers offer a direct discount of VND 150 million for Kicks e-Power hybrid cars

To avoid inventory of car models with last year’s Vin numbers as well as follow the year-end shopping season, many dealers and distributors have also promoted incentives for many Nissan car models.

In the hybrid electric car segment, Nissan Kicks e-Power has suffered many disadvantages since its launch with a relatively high proposed price. It is an imported car so it does not enjoy government incentives, and at the same time its competitors and has a more accessible price.


Faced with that situation, many agents are willing to subsidize an additional 50% of the registration fee combined with 100% of the registration fee from the company’s incentives. Thanks to that, users can save from 118 to 129 million VND depending on the version, in addition, depending on the sales policy, there is also an accessory package worth about 50 million VND. Notably, some other showrooms have aggressively deducted 150 million in cash for buyers of the V version of Nissan Kicks, thanks to which the lowest recorded price at the dealer is now only 708 million VND.

In addition to the Nissan Kicks e-Power, the small sedan Nissan Almera is also subsidized by the dealer. Accordingly, combined with cumulative incentives, users can enjoy up to 120% of the registration fee, equivalent to 65 to 72 million VND. VND, in addition, depending on the sales policy of the showroom, buyers can receive a set of accessories worth about 30 million VND.


The Nissan Navara model alone also receives cash support of 90 – 150 million VND and an accessory set of about 25 million VND, thanks to which the selling price of this pickup model at the dealer is currently only 619 million VND. However, the level of support between agents will vary depending on the sales policy.

Previously in November 2023, Nissan Vietnam also had incentives to support all registration fees for 3 currently distributed car models. Currently, this program is still being extended until the last month of 2023. Compared to the general average, all three Nissan car models in Vietnam have better fuel consumption indexes.

In the hybrid segment, Nissan Kicks e-Power is considered a direct competitor of Toyota Yaris Cross with a suggested price ranging from 730 to 838 million VND. Currently, both of these car models have incentives and are hybrid cars, but each car has different technology.

Even though they are combined with a gasoline engine and an electrical system. But the Nissan Kicks e-Power has a mechanism to use a gasoline engine to charge the battery directly for the electric drive system instead of a parallel system like the Toyota Yaris Cross, thus providing a more optimal fuel level.

But the safety equipment of the Nissan Kicks e-Power is somewhat less than that of some competitors when it only has 6 airbags, cruise control system, electronic handbrake combined with Auto Hold, reversing sensor, and automatic parking system. Electronic stability system, traction control, hill start assist system, anti-drowsiness warning and 360-degree panoramic camera with moving object detection function.

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