The smallest electric car in Vietnam has a convertible version in Thailand

At the Motor Expo 2023, Wuling has just introduced and displayed the Mini Convertible EV electric car model, attracting attention with its convertible style and charging ability up to 280 km/h.

This is also considered a convertible version of the Hongguang Mini EV electric car model called Wuling Mini Convertible EV. This car has a similar design to the hardtop version, according to the car’s parameters: length, width, and height. The car has dimensions of length x width x height of 3,059 x 1,521 x 1,614 mm, wheelbase 2,010 mm, respectively. 120 mm ground clearance and weighs 925 kg.


Although the overall look is relatively similar, there are also a few small tweaks such as the front headlight cluster with additional daytime positioning lights, additional square lights on the front bumper, borderless car doors with 12-inch two-tone wheels. color, tail lights have Cyberpunk X style.


Wuling Mini Convertible EV is equipped with a soft roof that can be folded and closed in just 6 seconds, and is reinforced with front anti-roll bars above the driver and passenger’s heads to increase safety in case the vehicle rolls over.


This small electric car model still only has basic safety equipment such as hill start assist, reversing camera, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, tire pressure monitoring, and 2 dual airbags in the front. front,… with some additional features such as vehicle monitoring, remote vehicle search, etc.


In terms of operation, Wuling Mini Convertible EV is equipped with an electric motor located on the front wheel with a capacity of 40 horsepower, 110 Nm and can reach a speed of 100km/h. The vehicle is equipped with an LFP battery pack with a capacity of 26.5 kWh, capable of providing a maximum range of 280 km per full charge.

Currently, the car price has not been announced and is expected to be sold in 2024. In Vietnam, Wuling also distributes the HongGuang MiniEV electric car model with a selling price of 239 to 279 million VND and is assembled at the company’s factory. TMT in Hung Yen.

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