The Japanese car company reduces all registration fees for products, including imported cars

Accordingly, after the promotion, some Japanese Mitsubishi cars have a rolling price cheaper than the listed price.

Specifically, this December is also the last month of 50% registration fee support from the Government. To stimulate sales as well as clear warehouses in 2023, many car manufacturers have promoted more incentives than before. before. Mitsubishi is no exception when it comes to incentives for its product lines.

Most car manufacturers offer promotions in the form of registration fee support, cash, and accessories for some of their car models, but Mitsubishi has applied it by giving away 100% registration fee for all domestically assembled cars. and imported vehicles.


Notably, the Mitsubishi Outlander high-rise car model is supported with 100% registration, along with an additional 2 years of physical insurance and a 360-degree camera worth 20 million VND. However, this level of support does not come with a 50% registration reduction from the Government.

So if you add up incentives from manufacturers, dealers and the Government, the Outlander’s on-road price at this time is much lower than the listed price. Currently the car is distributed in 2 versions with prices ranging from 825 million VND to 950 million VND, unfortunately the AWD version is no longer distributed.


Next is the car model that is considered the king of Mitsubishi Xpander sales, depending on the assembled or imported version, it will be supported differently but there is no registration fee. Depending on the version, there will be an additional package of reversing camera or 360-degree camera that comes with 1 or 2 years of material insurance.

The Cross variant of Mitsubishi Xpander also has the same level of support with 100% registration, 1 year of material insurance and 1 360-degree camera. The Triton pickup model also supports full registration for all 3 versions, of which the 4x2AT version has an additional year of material insurance and 1 basic roll cover, the standard version only comes with a reverse camera worth 2.5 million VND.

The company’s cheapest car model, the Mitsubishi Attrage, is also supported with 100% registration. In addition, the standard version will have a reversing camera, the remaining versions only have a free fish-fin antenna. This car model is currently priced from 380 million – 490 million for 3 versions.

The car model with the biggest decrease is the Pajero Sport with a reduction of up to more than 136 million VND depending on where the car is registered and includes an additional year of body insurance. Currently, this SUV model is priced from 1.3 to 1.36 billion VND depending on the version.

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