Suddenly reducing the price by 40 million VND, Hyundai Custin increased competition with Toyota Innova Cross

Launched on the market not long ago, Hyundai’s new MPV model in Vietnam suddenly has incentives to increase sales and recently, some dealers have added new programs to attract users during the buying season. year-end shopping.

Previously in November 2023, some Hyundai dealers began the year-end shopping season by slightly reducing an average of 18 to 26 million VND for the MPV Custin model, combined with a 50% discount on registration fees. because it is a domestically assembled car. However, recently this car model has been promoted with additional incentives by some showrooms.


Specifically, at some dealers, the Hyundai Custin model is having the highest discount of 40 million VND but only applies to the Standard and Special versions. The premium version is only reduced by 5 million VND, while still being combined with the State’s 50% registration fee incentive.

Hyundai Custin is a new model in the mid-size MPV segment, positioned together with Toyota Innova Cross, notably both just launched not too long ago. Currently, the car is distributed in 3 versions: 1.5 Standard, 1.5 Special and 2.0 Premium with selling prices of 850 million, 945 million and 999 million VND respectively.


In addition, Hyundai Custin still ranks slightly below Kia Carnival. Although they are all Korean brands, Custin is a joint venture product so the design is a bit different from the majority of current Hyundai models.

Although a bit smaller than the Kia Carnival, the Hyundai Custin still has the option of a 3-row interior with 2 business seats in the middle. In addition, the car also has a steering wheel with integrated function keys/shift paddles, digital clock, 10.4-inch central screen, 6-speaker sound system, automatic air conditioning,…

In terms of safety, Hyundai Custin is quite complete such as brake assist (ABS, EBD, BA), electronic balance, hill departure, anti-slip…, blind spot warning, tire pressure sensor, 360 camera driver, 6 airbags and a number of assistance features including lane keeping, adaptive throttle, automatic headlights, distraction warning…


In terms of performance, Custin has two types of gasoline engine options: 1.5L and 2.0L, both turbocharged. The standard version has a capacity of 170 horsepower, 253 Nm of torque, and an 8-speed transmission. The high-end version has a capacity of 236 horsepower, 353 Nm of torque, 8-speed transmission and 4 driving modes including Eco, Comfort, Sport and Smart.

According to sales reports, in November 2023, 529 Hyundai Custin cars were delivered to users, significantly higher than the number of 367 for Toyota Innova Cross. With the above support, it is highly likely that this MPV model from Korea will have sales very close to the Kia Carnival.

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