Struggling to find customers, Honda Accord’s price continues to drop by 200 million VND looking for buyers

Some dealers, in order to quickly clear their inventory of Honda Accord 2022, have offered to sell it at a price cheaper than the proposed price of up to 220 million VND.

Specifically, in the southern region, many Honda dealers are offering the Accord D-class sedan for sale with an average discount of 200 to 220 million VND, this discount does not include the company’s other incentives. Thanks to that, the rolling price is only from over 1.1 billion VND.


However, the cars with strong discounts are mainly cars with Vin number 2022, which have been in stock for nearly a year, most of them are white cars and there are not many cars left. Previously, this car model was offered for sale with a discount of up to 250 million VND but only applied to a few special buyers.

Compared to the 2023 version, the 2022 version does not have any differences between the two car models other than the year of manufacture, still has all the comfort technologies and the newly updated Honda Sensing advanced safety equipment package. by the end of 2021 with features including: automatic brake assist, distance adaptive throttle, lane keep assist, lane departure mitigation and adaptive headlights.

This is also the strongest price reduction of the Honda Accord, thanks to which the actual price of this car model has approached the base version of the Toyota Camry but is still higher than the Mazda 6 (779-914 million VND) and Kia K5 ( 859-999 million VND).

Honda Accord has an engine block similar to Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Accord when using a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 188 horsepower, 260 Nm with CVT gearbox and different driving modes. According to reviews from groups, although the Honda Accord uses a small capacity engine, it gives a better driving experience than other competitors in the segment.


However, the Honda Accord’s equipment is somewhat simple, the rear seats are less comfortable, so it is often less attractive than other names. Therefore, sales of this D-class sedan are not too high. Since the beginning of the year until now, only a few dozen Honda Accords have been delivered to users.

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