Revealed image of Toyota’s strange car, possibly Vios 2023, whose design disappointed netizens

Recently, images of the Toyota Vios 2023 were spread on social networks, but the exterior is somewhat different from the Thai version, making many people disappointed.

In Thailand, the new generation Toyota Vios was launched, making a strong impression because the interior and exterior design is almost different from the old version. Therefore, many people secretly hope that this car model will soon be present in the Vietnamese market.


But recently, photos of what is believed to be the Toyota Vios upgraded version in Vietnam have been spread on social networks recently, making many people disappointed because the exterior design is somewhat different, and maybe this is the new version. Slight upgrade version exclusively for the home market.


Compared to the currently distributed generation, the Toyota Vios 2023 has slight changes such as new headlights with a design similar to the Toyota Corolla in the US, a narrow grille separated from the central air cavity by a black panel in the middle, and a new Toyota logo. Surrounded by 2 small air vents.


Below the two corners of the front bumper there are fog lights and a silver strip as a highlight below the central air vent. It can be said that the Toyota Vios 2023 just revealed in Vietnam possesses many hybrid designs from many different car models and is unlike any other market. The side of the car is almost no different, the car still uses 15-inch 6-spoke wheels painted in 2 tones with new patterns. The rear part is still similar with the taillights, rear bumper, trunk door, reflectors, etc. all similar to the current version.

Although the exterior is fully revealed, the interior and equipment still do not have any new information or images. If this is just an upgrade, there is a high possibility that the interior space will not have too many new features compared to the current generation.

According to previous information, the new version of Toyota Vios may be launched in Vietnam in the second quarter of this year and this may be a facelift version with slight upgrades before this popular B-class sedan moves to another generation. new.

In Thailand, the new generation Toyota Vios has notable equipment such as LED headlights, daytime positioning lights and taillights that are all LED and have new designs. In addition, the interior of Vios 2023 also makes a difference with a 9-inch floating central screen, digital clock with 7-inch TFT color screen, 6 speakers, 64-color interior ambient lighting, automatic air conditioning and PM2.5 air filter.

In addition, the Toyota Vios 2023 in Thailand also has an electronic handbrake, automatic brake hold, blind spot warning, automatic headlights, 360-degree camera, parking sensors and the Toyota Safety Sense support package including warnings and Automatic pre-collision braking, lane departure warning with steering to bring the car back to the right lane, warning when the vehicle in front departs as well as controlling the accelerator pedal.

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