Promising to launch in May 2023, many dealers began accepting deposits for Toyota Vios 2023

Despite receiving quite a lot of mixed opinions in response to the revealed images, some dealers have recently opened deposits for this B-class sedan.

The general situation of the Vietnamese automobile market from the beginning of the year until now has been somewhat quiet, however, according to the product life cycle or previous plans, this is considered the period of launching new car models or versions. new upgrade.


Notably, the Toyota Vios 2023 sedan model has attracted a lot of attention because it can be considered a national car model, and in recent times, images of this new version have also appeared, causing a lot of controversy because of its differences. Completely different when compared to the Southeast Asian market.

Recently, some Toyota dealers have begun to receive deposits for this model with the promise of launching in May 2023 but must wait until 2024 to receive the car. However, consultants do not confirm that the new version will be the same as the revealed image or similar to other markets.


This information only comes from rumors or from sales consultants. Toyota Vietnam still has no further information confirmed about the new version of Toyota Vios 2023, currently there is only promotional information for the model. This B-class sedan.

But the fact that the new Toyota Vios will launch in Vietnam in 2023 is completely reasonable because its appearances, especially at an emissions registration station in Hanoi at the end of last year, are considered formalities. Finally before launch.


In addition, the main competitor Hyundai Accent is somewhat dominant, the current version has been released for quite a long time, so 2023 is considered a reasonable time for the new generation of Toyota Vios to appear. Finally, most countries in Southeast Asia already have the presence of a new generation of this B-class sedan.

The new version of Toyota Vios 2023 that can be sold in the Vietnamese market is a separate product with a somewhat different design compared to other countries. However, we can still see clear upgrades such as a larger grille, angled headlights, front bumper extended to the sides, wheels still 16 inches in size but with new patterns, bumpers There are also slight tweaks later.

In addition, there are still no images of the car’s interior, but it is highly likely that Toyota Vios 2023 will continue to use a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 107 horsepower, 140Nm combined with a CVT gearbox and front-wheel drive. .

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