Producing 1 million cars in 3 months, the Chinese automaker makes major automakers “cautious”

Born late, but with the new strategy, BYD quickly reached the production speed of 1 million vehicles in less than 3 months, this is also a speed that many large car manufacturers have to dream of.

They started with the production of electric batteries 30 years ago and it was not until 2003 that they had their first plans for the electric vehicle branch. In 2008, they launched their first electrified vehicle line, and from here they quickly had memorable milestones.


Accordingly, in 2021, BYD will have 1 million electrified vehicles, in 2022 they will set the pace of up to 3 million vehicles and will take another 9 months to reach the threshold of 5 million vehicles. Just in the last week of November, they reached the threshold of 5 million vehicles after 3 months and also announced the 6 millionth vehicle shipped.

Notably, the 6 millionth car is the Fang Cheng Bao Leopard 5 series that was just announced in August 2023. This model only has a pure electric range of 125 km thanks to the use of a 31.8 kWh battery pack, although if combined with a gasoline generator, the operating range can be increased to 1,200 km.


So it can be seen that in 3 months, BYD shipped 1 million cars, this can be considered a remarkable speed for a young car company, which even long-standing brands find difficult to achieve. BYD said it is considering producing 1 million fully electric vehicles.

BYD said that 6 million BYD vehicles shipped include BEV pure electric vehicles and PHEV plug-in hybrid vehicles, they see Tesla as their main competitor in competition. Currently, the American electric car company only has 5 million vehicles produced.


There are currently nearly 60 markets where BYD appears, but the total export output is only more than 200,000 vehicles, quite small compared to the 6 million vehicles shipped. But if you add up all products such as public urban electric vehicles, BYD is present in 70 countries.

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