Many Toyota cars have sharply reduced prices to gain sales, including new rookies that have just debuted

In the last month of 2023, many car manufacturers are increasing incentives to boost sales as well as clear out warehouses at the end of the year, including Toyota which is also supporting many popular car models.

Recently, Toyota’s sales have fluctuated somewhat, especially when promotions rotate together. To quickly boost purchasing power as well as clear the remaining car inventory in 2023, many popular Toyota car models currently have quite good incentives.


For example, Toyota Vios, which is the king of sales as well as the segment, is currently supported with 50% registration fee, 1 year of body insurance and interest rate incentive package for the first 6 months. Not only Toyota Vios but other car models such as Veloz Cross or Avanza Premio are eligible for this policy and applies to all versions.

Specifically, Toyota Vios versions will be reduced by 24 to 30 million VND, with assembled versions receiving additional support from the State, so buyers will have to spend almost nothing on registration fees. According to Vama report, in October, Toyota Vios had quite good sales with more than 1,400 cars delivered and in the first 10 months of the year, more than 8,900 cars were sold.


Notably, the new rookie Toyota Yaris Cross, newly launched in the Vietnamese market, is having quite a strong incentive when supporting 100% of registration costs with a corresponding reduction of 73 million VND for the standard version and 86 million VND. for hybrid version.

In addition to registration fee incentives, Toyota Yaris Cross is also supported with 2 additional years of body insurance and 6 months of preferential interest rates. In addition, because it is imported from abroad, Yaris Cross is not subject to support from the State.


According to many social network groups, the Toyota Yaris Cross has many advantages compared to competitors in the segment, but the selling price of this model is somewhat higher than the average so there are only 415 cars sold. to the market since arriving in Vietnam.

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