Kia K3 is priced under 500 million VND for the first time, but is only suitable for the service industry

Some dealers are offering incentives for C-class sedans with quite strong discounts, but not all versions are supported.

In fact, this support program is for dealers who still have in stock Kia K3 versions with vin number 2022. In which, the MT version has the lowest discount to 469 million VND, and the overall price has an average selling price. 470 to 499 million VND, significantly lower than the listed price of 549 million VND.


The Kia K3 2.0 Premium version is also significantly reduced to 604 million VND, lower than 135 million VND and is also only for cars with vin number 2022. However, because this is a separate offer, there will be no uniformity among dealers. regional area.

For versions with Vin number 2023, they only enjoy a 50% discount policy from the Government as well as a support package of 10 to 15 million VND for buyers. Basically, there is no difference between the 2022 and 2023 versions, the only thing is that when resold, they will lose more value due to the loss of a car’s life.


With the selling price at the dealership, the Kia K3 is significantly cheaper than its competitors, in which the 2022 MT Vin version is on par with some B-class cars such as Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent or Nissan Almera. Currently, the proposed selling price of Kia K3 ranges from 549 – 739 million VND for the 5 versions being sold on the market.

Kia K3 is considered a delicious and cheap car model in the segment with an accessible price and not too high usage costs. In addition, the car’s design is suitable for the majority of customers as it can both serve the family as well as be used for service business. Unfortunately, the car lacks active safety features, which is a trend chosen by users.


However, since entering 2023, the Kia K3 has gradually become weaker in front of the Mazda 3 when it is often surpassed for a long time. According to the sales report, in October 2023, 300 cars were delivered to users and 2,495 cars have been sold on the market since the beginning of the year until now, second only to Mazda 3 with sales of 5,079 cars.

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