How is Honda Vietnam’s business situation in November 2023?

With the promotion of promotions, sales of Honda’s car lines in Vietnam are somewhat better than last month and increased sharply compared to the same period last year.

According to sales reports from Vama and from Honda Vietnam, in November 2023, 2,525 vehicles were delivered to users, this number increased by 17% compared to the previous October thanks to the promotion of additional incentives for products.


Vehicle sales by month

Cumulative fiscal year 2024 sales


Compared with the previous month

Compared to the same period last year


Compared to the same period last year

October 2023

2,525 vehicles



15,375 vehicles


At the same time, compared to last year, sales of Honda Vietnam’s car models are up to 75% higher than in October 2022. Calculating total sales in fiscal year 2024, there were 15,375 vehicles sold on the market, 19% lower than fiscal year 2023.

In November, there were 539 Honda CR-V cars sold on the market, all of which were domestically assembled versions in CKD form. This sales level increased slightly when previously there were 477 cars sold on the market. Currently, the car is still maintaining a fairly good reduction to push out the remaining inventory, including new versions, but the RS version e:HEV only gives away accessories.

Honda City still plays the role of Honda Vietnam’s sales pillar with sales of up to 884 vehicles, this number is slightly higher than last October when there were only 751 vehicles. Currently, this car model still has a number of incentives to attract users.

Compared to October with sales of only 468 cars, in November there were 644 Honda BR-V cars sold on the market, although incentives remained unchanged. Honda BR-V is currently priced from 661 million – 705 million for two versions G and L.

Next is the Honda HR-V model, which has sales growth with 443 cars sold, significantly higher than in October when there were only 365 cars sold. The car is also currently priced from 699 million – 871 million for 3 versions. In general, the Honda HR-V is priced higher than its competitors in the segment.

Also in November, Honda Civic achieved sales of 104 cars, this is also a rare month for this C-sized sedan to have sales of over 100 cars. Compared to competitors, this C-size sedan is priced from 730 million – 870 million, almost the highest in the segment. In return, this is a car model that tends to be used for personal use rather than service, so the customer base is somewhat limited.


The sports version of Civic, Type R, has also had 1 car delivered to users. Cumulatively since the beginning of the year, there have only been 19 cars sold, which is not too difficult to understand because this is a car model not intended for digital cars. Crowded and the number of available vehicles is not much.

Finally, there is the Honda Accord, a D-class sedan priced from VND 1,319 billion, with only 10 cars delivered. Most Honda Vietnam car models are being supported with 50% registration fee and depending on the car model and version, there will be different incentives.

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