Honda CR-V 2023 is registered for protection in Vietnam, has details similar to American cars

After unconfirmed rumors, the new generation of Honda HR-V has recently been registered for industrial design protection in Vietnam, and the expected launch date is not far away.

After about 6 years in Vietnam, Honda CR-V is preparing to enter the new generation upgrade phase. This is even more certain when the new generation of this car model will be launched in March 2023 in the Thai market, so it is highly likely that it will be launched in Vietnam this year.

And recently the new generation of Honda CR-V 2023 has been registered for industrial design protection in Vietnam with a completely new interior/exterior similar to the car launched in the US and Chinese markets, so even more so. confirms that the return date of this SUV model is not far away.

Accordingly, the details of the Honda CR-V 2023 that are registered for industrial design protection include the front radiator, front/rear bumpers and dashboard. So it’s possible that the Honda CR-V 2023 in Vietnam will have 2 grille designs, quite similar to cars in the US.

honda-cr-v-2023-duoc-dang-ky-bao-ho-o-viet-nam-has-the-title-similar-to-xe-my honda-cr-v-2023-duoc-dang-ky-bao-ho-o-viet-nam-has-the-title-similar-to-xe-my

In addition, the version with a wider and sportier diamond-shaped mesh may be a hybrid. If accurate, this will be the first time Honda CR-V uses a hybrid engine in Vietnam. Currently, Honda Vietnam has not announced any further information about this model.

honda-cr-v-2023-duoc-dang-ky-bao-ho-o-viet-nam-has-the-title-similar-to-xe-my honda-cr-v-2023-duoc-dang-ky-bao-ho-o-viet-nam-has-the-title-similar-to-xe-my

In other markets, the Honda CR-V has improved dimensions when it is 69 mm longer, 10 mm wider, the wheelbase has also increased by 38 mm compared to the old generation, and Honda has also changed the mirrors. The rearview mirror goes down to the door instead of connecting to the A-pillar, allowing for better visibility.


The overall exterior of the Honda CR-V has many similar lines to the Honda Passport Trailsport with the front of the car having a large radiator, the front bumper has 2 new shaped air vents, the divided LED headlights have been refined and the interface has a new shape. The strange part is that the taillights have a sharper iron part.

The space inside the 6th generation Honda CR-V has many similar designs to the new Honda Civic. The dashboard has a simple design, the metal dashboard comes with ventilation holes on the air conditioning vents, creating uniformity in the interior design. Honda has also equipped a 7-inch digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel for the new CR-V. Low versions use a 7-inch entertainment screen, high versions are equipped with a 9-inch model, wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connection, 15W wireless phone charger and a 12-speaker Bose premium sound system.

It is highly likely that the Honda CR-V 2023 in Vietnam will still have a 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine configuration like the previous generation but slightly tweaked for a capacity of 190 horsepower and maximum torque of 243 Nm, combined with CVT gearbox, in the US this version is equipped with an AWD drive system.

There are also Sport and Sport Touring versions equipped with a 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine combined with 2 electric motors for a total capacity of 204 horsepower and 335 Nm of torque. This is considered a hybrid version following current trends and may appear in the Vietnamese market.

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