From next year, Volkswagen Teramont will be imported from China to Vietnam instead of the US

Volkswagen’s large SUV model will be imported to Vietnam from China, along with the Teramont X and MPV Viloran model instead of from the US as before.

From 2024, the full-size SUV Volkswagen Teramont will be imported to Vietnam from China instead of from the US market as before. So after the two sportier Volkswagen Viloran and Teramont X models, the regular Teramont will be the third model of the German car brand imported from China. According to some sources, this version will be a new version similar to Teramont X, not the current version on the market.


For the current batch of used cars, the full-size SUV model is being “bigly discounted” with a discount of up to 400 million VND at some dealers, the current selling price is still at 2,099 billion VND and accompanied by a number of promotions. present.

VW Teramont 2024 has a design that has many similarities with the Teramont X 2024 that is about to be sold on the Vietnamese market. The length of the Teramont is also slightly better than the Teramont The highest-end optional wheel set is 21 inches in size.


Inside, the interior has a floating central screen, measuring 12 inches. The information screen behind the steering wheel is 10.25 inches in size and has HUD information display technology. Other equipment that may be available on this version is Harman Kardon speaker system, panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, interior lighting…

As for power, the 2024 VW Teramont will be equipped with the standard 2.0L engine of this product range. This engine has a capacity of 217 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, combined with a 7-speed dual clutch and 4-wheel drive.


Safety technology on Teramont may also be similar to the new Teramont X, with smart automatic throttle, automatic brake assist, automatic parking assist, lane keeping assist, lane change assist, warnings distraction, front and rear sensors and 360-degree cameras…

The price of the new version has not been announced or leaked, but being imported from China, this model may have a more affordable price. The car will be positioned in the same segment as full-size SUV models such as Ford Explorer, VinFast VF9, Hyundai Palisade,…

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