Creating attraction but selling slowly, Honda CR-V has its first genuine incentives

In addition to support from dealers, Honda CR-V currently has the first incentives from the genuine side, but the most anticipated version still has no promotions, other models still have extended support. price.

In December, to maintain attraction as well as boost year-end shopping demand, Honda Vietnam has offered incentives for its products. However, depending on the car model and version, there will be different programs. These incentives do not include incentives from dealers.


First, the Honda CR-V has had its first incentives since its launch in the Vietnamese market. Accordingly, the two G/L versions receive 1 year of body insurance, 2 years of extended warranty and a 3-year or 30,000km maintenance package, whichever comes first.

In addition, some dealers also support additional policies combined with a 50% registration fee discount for assembled vehicles that is still valid in December. However, the e:HEV version does not have a support program. No support, on the contrary, some places have to pay some extra costs to be able to accept the car.

Next is the Honda BR-V MPV model, although the incentives still remain, but have been reduced, specifically the versions are only supported by 50% of the registration fee combined with policies from the State, so the level of this model is reduced. equivalent to the entire registration fee. At the same time, the Honda HR-V SUV model also has similar incentives.


The remaining sedan models such as Honda City, Honda Civic and Honda Accord all have 50% registration fee support. Particularly, the two models Honda Civic and Honda Accord will also come with 1 year of body insurance costs. As for Honda City, because it is assembled domestically, there will be policies from the State.

Honda City is currently considered the sales pillar of the automobile segment in the Vietnamese market with quite good sales power. According to Vama’s sales report, in the first 10 months of the year, there were 7,507 cars delivered, followed by Honda CR-V with 4,210 cars sold.

Honda Civic is highly appreciated for its performance, sporty design, many safety features, etc. However, the high price compared to the general level and the slow economic times have made the sales of this model not high and often ranked last in the segment.

This is similar to the Honda Accord, although it has the advantage of driving feel in the segment, the selling price is high and close to many C-class cars, so the sales of the D-class sedan are only a few units a month, calculated as follows: From the beginning of the year until now, only 41 vehicles have been delivered.

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