Clearing inventory from 2022, an SUV from Korea reduced in price by more than a hundred million dong

At the end of the year, many car manufacturers and dealers promoted incentive programs to avoid inventory, especially cars with Vin numbers from 2022.

There is a rare time like this year, when there are only a dozen days left until 2024, but in the warehouses of a number of dealers of many different brands there are still car models with Vin numbers from 2022 that have not yet been registered. sold out.


Among them, Hyundai Creta is no exception, although this is a car model that always has high sales and stable sales power. But some dealers far from the center are currently offering the 2022 Hyundai Creta with a steady discount of 120 million VND for the entire version being distributed.

However, this is only an agent’s program, so there will be no uniformity. In addition, depending on the showroom’s inventory, there are different numbers of versions, as well as a variety of colors for users to choose according to personal preferences.

Listed price

Real price

Reduced level

for 2022 car


640 million VND

520 million VND

120 million VND


690 million VND

570 million VND


740 million VND

620 million VND

Thus, the actual selling price of Hyundai Creta 2022 in some places is only about the same as high-end versions of SUVs ranked in the lower segment such as Toyota Raize priced at 552 million VND or Kia Sonet priced at 574 million VND.

In fact, the Hyundai Creta with the Vin number 2022 is not too different from the car with the Vin number 2023. The only difference is that the 2022 car is imported and the 2023 car is a domestically assembled car. In terms of terms, the 2022 car will not be priced.


Hyundai Creta has created great attraction since its launch in the Vietnamese market, however, due to the effects of the epidemic and the market economy, there was a time when sales were largely reduced. According to sales reports, in the 11 months of 2023, there were 8,766 cars sold on the market, the highest in the current B-segment SUV segment and ranked only below the Toyota Corolla Cross (10,062 cars), but this is a car in the B+ segment. .

In the current B-size SUV segment, there are quite a few competitors besides the Hyundai Creta such as the Toyota Yaris Cross which has a technological advantage thanks to the hybrid version, the Kia Seltos which has stable sales thanks to its diverse versions,… but most of them also There are quite strong price incentives.

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