After Daihatsu-Toyota’s safety scandal, a Southeast Asian country allowed cars to be sold again

After incidents related to Daihatsu’s safety results, there has been no official conclusion, but some countries have approved the return of affected vehicle models.

Citing the Indonesian government, Japan’s The Japan Times said that this Southeast Asian country has confirmed the safety of Daihatsu-Toyota cars after the safety fraud scandal when re-checking it themselves, thereby allowing This Japanese auto brand is allowed to continue distributing the above models to domestic users.


Daihatsu is the number 2 selling brand in the Indonesian market and more surprisingly, this brand is ranked only behind its parent corporation, Toyota. It’s also possible that the country’s local government decided the matter very quickly to avoid long-term effects on the domestic car market.

Also in Malaysia, Toyota’s domestic partners such as Perodua are also thoroughly checking the safety of car models found to be fraudulent. This is similar in many other Southeast Asian countries in affected markets.


Previously on December 20, Toyota said Daihatsu had temporarily suspended the delivery and export of all its car models. This move was made after an independent safety investigation discovered problems related to 64 car models, including nearly 20 models sold by the Toyota brand but using Daihatsu technology and chassis. An independent panel investigated Daihatsu following reports it cheated on crash safety tests in April involving 88,000 cars, most of which were sold under the Toyota brand. However, the latest investigation shows that the scale of the scandal is much larger.

Daihatsu will produce 1.1 million cars in the first 10 months of 2023, of which nearly 40% are exported to foreign countries. The company sold about 660,000 vehicles worldwide during this period, accounting for 7% of Toyota’s total global sales.


In Vietnam, the Toyota Avanza Premio MT version is the only car model on the list affected by the above incident. Currently, this car model has temporarily suspended distribution until official results are available. Notably, this car model does not have high sales and is less popular with users.

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