According to the new regulations, which types of cars do not need to pay road tolls?

Based on the new decrees that the Government has just issued on road fees, there will be many subjects who will be exempt from road fees.

Specifically, according to Decree No. 90/2023, which has just been stipulated by the Government on collection rates, collection, payment, exemption, management and use of road use fees effective from February 1, 2024, there will be The following subjects are exempted from road tolls as prescribed in Article 3, including:

  • Ambulance
  • Fire truck
  • Specialized vehicles for funerals

In particular, specialized funeral vehicles are vehicles with specialized structures used for funeral services, including: hearses, refrigerated trucks used to store and transport corpses.

According to the regulations, all types of vehicles are not required

Related vehicles for funeral services include: passenger vehicles accompanying the hearse, flower trucks, and photo procession vehicles, which are vehicles used only for funeral activities and have a vehicle registration certificate bearing the name of the funeral service unit. ceremony. The funeral service unit must send a written commitment that these vehicles are only used for funeral activities to the registration unit when inspecting the vehicles (specifically stating the number of vehicles and license plates for each type).

There are also specialized vehicles serving national defense, including vehicles with license plates: red background, embossed white letters and numbers with specialized equipment for national defense (including: tank trucks, cranes). cranes, vehicles carrying armed forces on operations are understood as passenger cars with 12 seats or more, transport vehicles with roofs and seats installed in the trunk, control vehicles, and military inspection vehicles. military vehicles, specialized vehicles for transporting prisoners, rescue vehicles, satellite communication vehicles and other special vehicles serving national defense).

According to the regulations, all types of vehicles are not required

Next are specialized vehicles of units belonging to the organizational system of the People’s Public Security force including:

  • Traffic police vehicles have the words “TRAFFIC POLICE” printed on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Police car 113 has the words “POLICE 113” printed on both sides of the car.
  • The mobile police vehicle has the words “MOBILE POLICE” printed on both sides of the vehicle.
  • The transport vehicle has seats installed in the trunk of the people’s police force on duty.
  • Prison transport vehicles, rescue vehicles and other specialized vehicles of the People’s Public Security force.
  • Special vehicles (satellite communication vehicles, bulletproof vehicles, anti-terrorism and anti-riot vehicles and other special vehicles of the people’s police force).

As for the cars Motor vehicles are responsible for road use fees Registered sets (with vehicle registration certificate and license plate), inspected for circulation (issued with a Certificate of technical safety and environmental protection), including: Cars, tractors and Similar vehicles (cars)

At the same time, the new road use fee will apply from February 1, 2024 according to Decree 90/2023/ND-CP of the Government, with the lowest fee being 130 thousand VND/month and the highest being 1.43 million VND. VND/month.

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