A series of popular cars in the Vietnamese market are racing to reduce prices by the end of 2023

With only a few weeks left until the end of 2023, the car market in Vietnam recorded many cases of price reductions in popular car groups.

VinFast LUX A2.0

VinFast LUX A2.0 has been discontinued since July 2022 on the market. However, some dealers said there are still a few VinFast LUX A2.0 cars with VIN 2022 in stock. Therefore, this model is deeply discounted to attract buyers.

Accordingly, VinFast LUX A2.0 originally had a listed price of 1,115 to 1,358 billion VND, but now it is only 600 million VND for the advanced version and 680 million VND for the premium version. However, according to information from dealers, there are only about 200 LUX A2.0 2022 units in stock that will be discounted this time.

KIA Soluto

Higher versions of KIA Soluto also have their selling prices adjusted, reducing prices from 7 to 20 million VND, depending on the version. In particular, the AT Deluxe version has a new selling price of 439 million VND, a decrease of 7 million VND compared to the previous listed price. The most advanced version of AT Luxury has a discount of 20 million VND, bringing the price after the incentive to only 462 million VND instead of 482 million VND.


In addition, some dealers are offering the 2022 KIA K5 (the 2023 model is not discounted) the Luxury version with a deep discount of up to 139 million VND, bringing the current car price to only 720 million VND. The Premium version is reduced by 65 million VND, the actual selling price is 839 million VND.

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga AT produced in 2022 is being supported by dealers with 100% registration fee, 1 year of physical insurance and 0% interest for 12 months for car buyers. Meanwhile, the Hybrid Ertiga MT version with VIN number 2022 only reduces registration fee by 100%, equivalent to 54 million VND.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner domestically assembled diesel version currently enjoys a 50% registration fee incentive from the Government, equivalent to a cash reduction of 50 – 88 million VND (depending on the province or city where the vehicle is registered). In addition, the Toyota Fortuner 2.4MT 4×2 diesel version is currently being discounted by the dealer by 55 million VND. Similarly, the 2.4AT 4×2 diesel version is also reduced by 55 million VND.

The two versions of Toyota Fortuner 2.4AT 4×2 Legender and 2.8AT 4×4 Legender have reductions of 45 million and 50 million VND, respectively. Meanwhile, manual transmission versions have a lower discount of 10 – 20 million VND, along with that, the number of cars is not much left at dealers.

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