Yamaha Luvias GTX Fi: Will the lackluster end?

  • Price of Luvias GTX Fi: 27,900,000 VND

If Luvias is considered a football player in Yamaha’s squad, this is a “player” with a rather lackluster playing style. Will the improvements that the Japanese car company has made to this product make the car “compete” better in its “position”?

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Not yet fully rounded

“Coach” Yamaha started launching Luvias on the field in 2010, in the context of “if you don’t have it, you’ll lack it, but if you have it, you’ll have plenty”. The coach from Japan did not even clearly identify or know where to play Luvias appropriately, when he already had in his scooter squad a strong Nouvo for men, a Elegant cuxi for women, along with “old friend” Mio or new addition Nozza.

After 2 years of joining the Yamaha scooter club, Luvias disappeared in the market

That’s why after 2 years of joining the Yamaha scooter club, Luvias disappeared in the market. It was much weaker when facing rivals such as Honda Click or Honda Vision later. Many people believe that the reason Luvias has been ineffective in “competing” for a long time is because the car has no unique style and “playstyle”. The appearance is nothing outstanding, the technology equipped on the car is not new. The lack of performance caused Luvias to sit on the “bench” instead of playing.

Add “skills”

Unable to let Luvias become “an extra player”, Yamaha has added “competition skills” to this bike with a series of changes from form to technology, of which the most important highlight is bringing Electronic fuel injection technology for the first time on low-end scooters like Luvias. Make Luvias become Luvias GTX Fi.

Yamaha has added a series of changes from form to technology on the Luvias GTX Fi

The Luvias GTX Fi “player” has many changes in appearance and design, making the car look healthier and easier to recognize “on the field”. The overall design on the new Luvias is quite harmonious and balanced. Ground clearance and overall height are increased while weight is reduced to 101 kg. It seems that all customer complaints about previous Luvias have been corrected in this new version.

Details such as the watch face, headlight system, storage compartment, and locks have all been improved and renewed to increase the “combat power” of the new Luvias.

The two important “skills” that Yamaha “coach” adds to Luvias are speed and endurance. Yamaha Luvias GTX Fi is equipped with a powerful 125 cc engine, SOHC, with a capacity of 11 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, maximum torque of 10.36 Nm at 6,500 rpm. In addition, applying Yamaha’s exclusive technology in the production of aluminum alloy cylinders and pistons reduces engine oil consumption and improves fuel efficiency. Reducing the weight of these parts reduces the vehicle’s vibration speed.

The new Luvias move faster, more gracefully, more gently

Improvements in the engine as well as the addition of Fi technology make the Luvias “player” move faster, more elegantly, more gently but without losing too much energy.

What position for Luvias?

Even though he has added many skills, deciding which position to play Luvias on the field is still a difficult problem for the Yamaha coaching staff. Luvias, of course, was not born to replace “key striker” Nouvo – a player with strength, speed and comprehensiveness. Nor do they “play” with talent and personality like midfielders Cuxi or Nozza – irreplaceable “players” in the “hitting” position focusing on female consumers. The improvements on Luvias, if placed in the position of a defender, “playing” cover like Mio seems a bit wasteful.

Yamaha may still be mistargeting consumers for the Luvias GTX Fi

Finally, Yamaha deployed Luvias as a winger. But, unfortunately, this arrangement is not reasonable when Luvias should be a central midfielder. If the right wing is considered a market for men, the left wing is for women, then Luvias is only identified as operating on the left wing, meaning a car for women. Let’s try to analyze, the Yamaha Luvias GTX Fi has a sporty, masculine, angular design, but just because it is too “small”, Yamaha ties the Luvias GTX FI as a product only for active women. This product orientation makes Luvias’s communication campaigns aimed at female customers, similar to Cuxi or Nozza.

Aimed at women, the car possesses sporty and powerful details

Luvias is clearly designed to be more male-oriented, so this product is certainly ready to serve both men and women, but Yamaha’s orientation as above will probably significantly narrow the scope of activities. of this car model. Once heavily advertised as a car for women, young men will surely give up their desire to own this “women’s” car no matter how well it performs.


Borrowing a football story to talk about the potential success of the new Luvias car is probably a bit ridiculous. But it also shows that, although Luvias GTX Fi has many improvements, it will be very difficult to reach many consumers.

Luvias GTX Fi has a selling price of 27,900,000 VND

Yamaha has made efforts to change and save the Luvias product, but with the market’s current reduction in purchasing power, and with consumers having so many scooter choices like now, Luvias will probably still be in the dark. bland. Rather, like its Lexam sibling, this car, in the first place, should never have been born.



  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 1,850mm x 685mm x 1,060mm
  • Saddle height: 760mm – Petrol tank capacity: 4.1 liters
  • Engine: 4 stroke, 2 SOHC valves
  • Wattage: 8.05kW(10.9PS) / 8,500 rpm
  • Torque: 10.1 Nm / 7,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: cooled with solution
  • Transmission box: V-belt stepless transmission
  • Front shock absorber: shocks, springs and hydraulics
  • Rear shock absorber: springs and hydraulics
  • Front brake system: hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rear brake system: drums

The Dat (TTTD)

Photo: Le Thang

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