Yamaha Exciter manual clutch – End of monopoly

For the past 4 years, Yamaha has not made any changes to the Exciter model other than the stamp set while users are still waiting for a new upgrade. Maybe they are too confident in their products or have “sleep on victory”.

Position of the leader

After 9 years of appearing in the Vietnamese market, Yamaha Exciter has created a unique position in the sports car segment, which does not have many competitors. With a capacity of 125cc, right from the first days of launch in 2005, Exciter has conquered customers with its outstanding performance and sporty design suitable for young people.

Yamaha Exciter manual clutch – End of monopoly A0D_00771.jpgYamaha Exciter 2012

Certain success with the automatic clutch version, however, it does not stop there, Yamaha always knows how to innovate and launched the Yamaha Exciter manual clutch version in 2009. At that time, the manual clutch Exciter was implemented. created a fever among young people, and since then, the bike seems to be “alone, one way”, when competitors in the Vietnamese motorcycle market have not yet produced manual clutch versions for anyone. any of their products.

This Japanese motorbike company has very cleverly researched the market, targeting young, dynamic people who love speed but have a small budget. For many young people, using an automatic clutch bike is too idle and not “high” enough. If many people do not have enough financial conditions or passion to own large displacement motorbikes, the appearance of Exciter has given them a very reasonable choice.

Yamaha Exciter manual clutch - End of monopoly A0D_01421.jpgFor a long time, Exciter has been the number 1 choice of young people

The car model that is considered to be the most “equal” to the Exciter appeared, followed by only the Suzuki Axelo 125, because besides Suzuki, no other car company has wanted to participate in this segment. However, many consumer opinions say that Axelo 125 is difficult to “compare” with Exciter in terms of design, engine and technology.

If you look broadly at the economy-class manual clutch vehicle market, it is difficult to compare car models that have appeared in Vietnam with the Exciter. Honda MSX 125 or Honda CBR 150 both sit at the “top” in terms of both price and class. Suzuki EN-150A and GZ-150A are “too old” and “too old”, while Visitor Phoenix R125 is still skeptical about quality and brand. The Suzuki RGV-125 is not for the masses, and the once-famous Suzuki FX125 has also become the “king of the past”.

“Sleeping on the throne”

So in Vietnam, by the end of 2013, the popular car segment using a sporty and powerful manual clutch still only had the Yamaha Exciter. Because there are no competitors, plus the life cycle of launching a new product is about 4 to 5 years, Yamaha has not made many changes to the 2013 Exciter.

Yamaha Exciter manual clutch - End of monopoly A0D_0096.jpg Yamaha Exciter manual clutch – End of monopoly autodaily_exiter2013-2.jpg There are not many changes between the annual upgraded versions except for the vehicle stamp set: Exciter 2012 (left) and 2013 version (right).

There are not many major changes and improvements, other than the vehicle stamp set being redesigned every year, it seems that Yamaha is content with the success of Exciter in Vietnam. However, users don’t think so. They are feeling the Exciter fading. The design is beautiful, but even if you are a “beauty queen”, you will get bored looking at it forever. The engine is powerful, but driving a 135cc vehicle forever is boring. Users need more, a 150cc engine version, for example. Operation is smooth, but the feeling of running the Exciter gradually lacks excitement, if not to say it becomes boring.

Yamaha Exciter manual clutch – End of monopoly autodaily_exiter2013-25.jpgThe car is being fiercely pursued by “new faces”

Not only that, in 2014, Exciter’s “throne” became even more shaky than ever with the appearance of Suzuki Raider 150 – “King of underbone” (King of underbone cars). Other “chasers” such as Suzuki EN-150A and GZ-150A, manual clutch, affordable 150cc models from Benelli or Visitor are also making strong improvements in quality, design and engine power. .

Not to mention, Suzuki Vietnam is focusing strongly on the popular sports manual clutch segment. They continuously launch communication campaigns to reach users, organize test drives, get feedback from bikers… Recently, Suzuki also launched the Suzuki Thunder 150 FI, increasing the number of clutch bike models. The number of hands that Suzuki Vietnam has introduced to the Vietnamese market has increased to 5.

Yamaha Exciter manual clutch – End of monopoly autodaily_exiter2013-chay-41.jpgIf Yamaha doesn’t want Exciter to become the former king, it will definitely have to change in the next versions

In the context of the sporty, affordable manual transmission segment, there is fierce competition. Whoever stands still will “die”. If you don’t want Exciter to “rest on your laurels”, if you don’t want Exciter to become the former king, Yamaha will definitely have to change in the next versions. And reality shows that the Suzuki Raider 150 is “taking away” many of Exciter’s own customers.

The Dat (TTTD)

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