Why is Yamaha Cuxi “sold out”?

The design is not really eye-catching, the operation has many disadvantages, while the price is too high. That is the reason why Yamaha’s small, female-oriented bike was “turned away” by users.

Counterintuitive personality traits

The appearance of a car model for women is important to the product’s success. Not going in the direction of softness and femininity, Yamaha gave Cuxi a unique look – meaning it looks strange and attractive to some people, but not familiar to many people.

Why Yamaha Cuxi Cuxi is attractive to some people, but not familiar to many people

The first impression when looking at the Yamaha Cuxi is that it is a vehicle “assembled” by square shapes and not as soft as other vehicles in the scooter line. The highlight on the car’s nose lies in the multi-faceted headlights and angled turn signals, large in size, protruding forward and surrounded by the soft lines of the windscreen.

The steering wheel cluster is designed quite elegantly, the clock face with LED technology displays quite complete parameters. But when looking at this control cluster, the first shortcomings of Cuxi begin to appear. The control buttons on the steering wheel cluster are simple, not yet elaborated in appearance, in addition, the clock display is small in size and the design is not eye-catching enough.

Due to its compact design, the car is only suitable for people with a height of 1m6 or less. The biggest disappointment of this Yamaha Cuxi is that the saddle design is too short, causing a cramped feeling and “swallowing the bike” when sitting with two people. In addition, the driver’s leg space is small and high, so during use, long-legged people can easily get their knees caught in the steering wheel. If you want to sit comfortably, you have to move back to the back seat, leading to a situation where only one person can ride.

Why Yamaha Cuxi Why Yamaha Cuxi The saddle is too short and the legroom is narrow, which are Cuxi’s big drawbacks

Cuxi is considered a breath of fresh air that Yamaha brought to the mid-range scooter market in Vietnam at the end of the summer of 2010. However, the not really eye-catching design and high selling price made Cuxi not popular. accepted in the market. Besides, while other competitors continuously have new versions with eye-catching designs, Cuxi still maintains its appearance and becomes slow in the race against products in the same segment.

Operation has many disadvantages

Positioned as a car model for women and for traveling in urban areas, Cuxi is small in size and easy to control. However, unfortunately, when operating, Yamaha’s vehicle reveals more disadvantages than advantages.

Why Yamaha Cuxi When operating, Yamaha’s bike shows more disadvantages than advantages

The first disadvantage is the feeling of discomfort with a weak engine. In theory, Cuxi is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 90km/h, but in reality, the car accelerates slowly from 20mkm/h to 60km/h and is very difficult to go higher without. Operated on roads with beautiful terrain and good quality. At higher speeds, the vibration and shaking phenomenon occurs quickly and very strongly, the engine sound is rough and quite loud.

When operating the vehicle on narrow and bad terrain, Cuxi began to reveal its biggest weakness. The steering wheel is designed to be light and have wide corners, but the Cuxi’s cornering ability is not really good even when operating at low speeds. The imbalance in the front and rear of the car gives a loose, unstable feeling. concentration makes it difficult to manage in a cramped environment. The rigid suspension system is only suitable for one-person operation.

Why Yamaha Cuxi Why Yamaha Cuxi

According to Yamaha, Cuxi is equipped with a tilt sensor system that helps the vehicle turn off the engine when tilted beyond 60 degrees to ensure safety when touching. However, through actual testing, the car only automatically turns off when the car is almost touching or has completely fallen to the ground.

The design of the distance between the saddle and the front rib is too short, restricting the sitting position, making it impossible for the driver to change the sitting position easily and not have the best sitting position.


Yamaha Cuxi was launched on the market targeting women and is a competitor to cars in the same segment such as Honda’s Click, Lead/SCR or SYM’s Attila Elizabeth. But in terms of performance and safety, Cuxi has not kept up with its predecessors. Additionally, the price of 31,900,000 VND (announced price at launch), considered quite high for a small scooter, makes Cuxi weaker compared to other competitors in the same segment.

Why Yamaha Cuxi Unreasonable prices have caused Cuxi to gradually be forgotten

The unfashionable design and unreasonable price have caused Cuxi to gradually be forgotten. After more than 3 years of launch, there were times when car dealership owners were willing to sell Cuxi at a price tens of millions of dong lower than the company’s proposed price but still could not attract customers. Currently, Cuxi is almost absent from motorbike dealers, and on the road, not many people choose to ride this bike.

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