What can the Honda LEAD trunk hold?

Everyone knows that the LEAD model – Honda’s sister model – has the largest trunk today. So what can the LEAD trunk actually contain? Join us for some fun experiments.

7 helmets and a… plow

If you try to fit all kinds of helmets into the trunk of a LEAD car, many people will probably think you are selling helmets. We tested putting up to a maximum number of half-face helmets of all types in the trunk. The result is surprising, the LEAD’s underseat storage compartment can hold 8 helmets and still close the trunk normally. A result that few motorcycle trunks can achieve.

Another interesting situation, we placed a long, bamboo plow in the trunk of the LEAD, then continued to load the helmet. Hardly anyone would think that the trunk is large enough to hold a “bulky” plow pipe and 7 helmets.

The trunk can hold 7 half-face helmets of all kinds and a plow pipe

An unbelievable amount of fun

Surely, any woman who wants to bring a hookah to her husband will not have to be embarrassed anymore when it fits neatly in the trunk of the LEAD car, while still being able to hold many other items.

Half a load of grapefruit

Do you believe that the trunk of the LEAD car manufactured by Honda has enough room for half a load of grapefruits? If you don’t believe it, it’s still true. Half a load of grapefruit (15 fruits) was placed in the trunk. This is also a fun test to help consumers easily quantify the width of the car trunk.

What to do if you crave grapefruit and want to carry the whole load home

Buy them with confidence and put them in LEAD’s trunk

Many, many more things

In actual testing, basically, the LEAD car’s storage compartment can meet the needs of women quite well when going shopping, going to the supermarket or going to work at the office.

Let’s see what personal items the character below can put in the trunk.

Going to work and shopping with LEAD, let’s pack up

First, a raincoat, some notebooks and car repair tools

Add 3 pairs of women’s shoes, a laptop and an umbrella

Helmets, bags, towels, shirts and paper containers

Make an extra bag of salt, 3 cans of coke and 3 cans of beer

Let’s try closing the trunk!? Ah okay!

Honda LEAD was officially introduced for the first time in the Vietnamese market on December 24, 2008. After more than 3 years of presence, the modern and fashionable LEAD scooter product has become a popular model, especially customers who are female office workers.

The highlight of LEAD is the large storage compartment, with a maximum capacity of up to 35 liters. If you have used a LEAD car, have had many fun experiments with a large trunk, and have an optimal way to arrange things, please share with us!

Autodaily Team

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