VMRC 2019 stage 4 is about to take place: Promises many attractions

On September 15, the 4th leg of the 2019 season will officially kick off at 2K racetrack, Binh Duong. The race takes place just 2 days after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and is promised to become an exciting late gift that “Hang” Honda Vietnam sends to all speed fans in the South in particular and the country in general.

The 2019 VMRC season has passed half the way with a chaotic “war” situation in all four categories Blade 110, MSX 125, UB130 and Winner 150. After the first leg, now the racers will officially enter the “finishing” phase to aim for the championship of the season, the fierceness of the tournament will be greatly increased, each racer, each racing team must carefully calculate each “route”. “Go, move” if you don’t want to be a spectator at the championship cup awarding ceremony.

VMRC 2019 stage 4 is about to take place: Promises many attractions hang-muc-blade-110.jpg

In the Blade 110 category, racer Nguyen Duc Thanh holds an almost absolute advantage with 3 consecutive first place titles, with the number 2 racer Vu Hoang Nam having 13 points. Moreover, athlete Nguyen Duc Thanh also has a great advantage when he is wearing the Honda Racing Vietnam team competing in the UB150 category, ARRC 2019 season since stage 4. The opportunity to compete internationally has helped Duc Thanh Extremely improved in both technique and tactical vision, most recently at stage 5 of ARRC 2019 taking place in China, Nguyen Duc Thanh also showed a very positive performance. Therefore, it will not be surprising if Duc Thanh continues to be the podium winner of stage 4 of VMRC 2019. However, the race always contains surprises, remember that Vu Hoang Nam is also “not average”, with After stubbornly pursuing the past 3 stages, will he be able to create a spectacular overthrow in the next 4th stage? Let’s wait.

VMRC 2019 stage 4 is about to take place: Promises many attractions hang-muc-msx-125-dien-bien-kho-doan-nhat.jpg

In the MSX 125 category, developments are extremely tense and unpredictable, there are up to 4 riders competing for the championship with a gap of only 4 points, leading the category is rider Nguyen Ngoc Nhan. The MSX 125 category is the category where the qualifications of the riders are the most uniform in VMRC 2019, thereby the level of competition will also be the fiercest. It is very difficult for fans as well as experts to predict which racer will prevail and in the upcoming stage 4, everything is said to continue to be “unpredictable” as the 2K racetrack is considered to be the most “unpredictable” place. Born for Honda MSX125″.

VMRC 2019 stage 4 is about to take place: Promises many attractions hang-muc-ub130-su-canh-tranh-song-phang-cua-cac-club.jpg

The UB130 category is having quite a surprising development when riders who are considered to have the highest qualifications such as defending champion Bui Duy Thong or Doan Truong Loi are in quite good form and are rising up. Shining are Le Trong Vinh and Le Phung with the top 2 positions. In stage 3 of VMRC 2019, the UB130 category also showed the spectacular rise of Tran Hoang Phuc when he won absolutely 2P (both Pole and Podium). Will the top riders like Duy Thong and Truong Loi regain their form in the next stage 4, or will new Hoang Phuc appear again? In the upcoming stage 4, some riders will also be absent due to ongoing injuries, but with all 5 riders currently at the top of the rankings present, the competition in the category is still fierce and will really It is very difficult to predict the scenario for the UB130 category in the 4th stage.

In this UB130 category, besides the fierce competition from the riders, there is also equally fierce competition from the clubs. The clubs with the most advantage are KYT-RCB Uma (also known as Quy chia racing team) of Bui Duy Thong, followed by KYT-RCB Uma Dong Nghi Racing Team of racer To Ha Dong Nghi. In the next top, facing the biggest disturbance is Thanh Hung Bike because in this stage 4, the rider who is in very good form, Le Phung, will move to compete for My Danh mobile Cao Lanh. In addition, there are a series of other “sharks” such as Hong Spacy Club, Truong Thap Muoi Club, Loc Binh Racinng Team Club,… All clubs will gather so that their “sharks” can return. especially in stage 4 here.

VMRC 2019 stage 4 is about to take place: Promises many attractions hang-muc-winner-150-voi-dien-mao-moi-tai-vmrc-r4.jpg

Finally, in the Winner 150 category, it will not be surprising if the couple Nguyen Tuan Anh and Le Hung Huu Tin will continue to “bury” the championship hopes of the remaining drivers as they did during the season. VMRC 2018 and half way through VMRC 2019. Currently athlete Le Hung Huu Tin #49 is ranked first with 45 points after 3 stages, followed by athlete Nguyen Anh Tuan #47 with 42 points and athlete Le Phuoc Minh # 53 with 22 points. With the developments in the Winner 150 category rankings after 3 races, the athletes outside the top 3 will have to really try if they want to be in the top 3 best riders this season.

Especially in the upcoming stage 4, Honda Winner 150s participating in the Winner 150 category will be supplemented with a new design that promises to increase appeal and competition, helping riders like Le Phuoc Minh and Nguyen Vu Tuan. He can break the “two horses” scenario of this category. All riders are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new design.

VMRC 2019 stage 4 is about to take place: Promises many attractions tay-dua-vmrc-2019.jpg

Stage 4 of VMRC 2019 will take place with 49 riders competing in 4 categories (some riders cannot compete in this stage 4 due to injury): Blade 110 (11 athletes), MSX 125 (12 athletes), Winner 150 (12 athletes) and UB 130 (14 athletes). The venue for stage 4 will be 2K Racetrack, Binh Duong.

2K racetrack is no longer strange to the speed racing audience in the country, each race taking place at this racetrack is always thrilling and filled with surprising elements. This is also a racetrack with a large number of falls, so this will be a challenging place for the techniques of all racers.

The weather in Binh Duong next Sunday is expected to have rain and light winds. With this weather, racers will have a much more difficult time, and their competitiveness will also increase. Everyone is waiting for a late Mid-Autumn Festival gift that Honda Vietnam and the racers will bring to all fans.

VMRC 2019: Half a season and fierce “fighting”.

Trang Nguyen (forum.autodaily.vn)

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