Vietnam’s largest off-road racing tournament PVOIL VOC 2019 officially kicks off

80 teams, 160 racers officially entered the competition at the Vietnam Terrain Car Racing Tournament PVOIL CUP 2019 (PVOIL VOC 2019) – Vietnam’s largest offroad tournament in 2 days September 28-29 at the Cultural Village – Tourism of Vietnam’s ethnic groups (Dong Mo) – Son Tay – Hanoi.

Vietnam's largest off-road racing tournament, PVOIL VOC 2019, officially kicks off gia-dua-xe-dia-hinh.jpg

PVOIL VOC 2019 will be a special occasion when for the first time the tournament will be called the Vietnam Terrain Car Racing Tournament PVOIL Cup 2019. Therefore, PVOIL VOC 2019 will also be the most professional season ever from the organization stage. Organized according to the international model, scoring with modern technology ensures the goals of Safety – Fairness – Transparency and Fun of the tournament.

Along with that, in 4 divisions: Vietnamese Pickup, Basic, Advanced and Open, the organizers will have changes in regulations in all divisions to increase safety for athletes during competition. matches as well as spectators, minimizing damage to vehicles and people.

This year, at the request of many racing teams, Adventure – a night challenge track – will return after a year of hiatus and take place on the night of the first competition day, September 28. This race is rich in tradition, not only an always surprising challenge for the participating athletes but also truly an unforgettable experience, where competitors become teammates and compete in groups. in the spirit of “the test is only completed when the whole group reaches the finish line”.

Vietnam's largest off-road racing tournament PVOIL VOC 2019 officially kicks off so-do-duong-dua-pvoil-cup-2019-20190906-1.jpg

PVOIL VOC 2019 race map

This year’s tournament has a total of 11 tracks, including 2 tracks for racing cars. Test track No. 2 is for all 4 classes, expected to bring exciting high-speed downhill performances. Track number 6 is dedicated to the Open class with a challenge of 3 deep holes that will satisfy the audience no less than last year’s rock climbing test.

Track number 5 with the vertical wall climbing challenge will continue to be a difficult puzzle for the teams. However, number 10 dry stream is expected to remain an impossible challenge for most teams, as proven last season.

On the first day of competition, teams will compete in lanes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9. The second day of competition will take place in lanes 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10.

Vietnam's largest off-road racing tournament PVOIL VOC 2019 officially kicks off lich-trinh-giai-dua-voc2019.jpg

PVOIL VOC 2019 race schedule

In the 11th season, in addition to hundreds of attractive performances on terrain races, PVOIL VOC 2019 will have more activities to help audiences have more opportunities to interact with the race. The first is the offroad test drive programs of two sponsors Toyota Vietnam and Ford Vietnam on test tracks simulating real tests under the guidance of technicians; Or enjoy professional and extremely exciting drift performances from members of Redline Racing. Spectators can also experience the dizzying feeling of spinning when registering to sit with the athletes’ drift cars.

With a widespread livestream system on many platforms and devices, audiences can directly watch PVOIL VOC 2019 through a 50m LED screen.2 in the central area of ​​the tournament, on many national television channels or anywhere with the Internet.

The 2019 Vietnam Off-Road Racing Championship was renamed PVOIL Cup

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