Vietnamese racing team competes at the Trans-Asia Rally

Racing AKA under the sponsorship of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam will be the first professional off-road racing team in Vietnam to participate in the cross-country Rally race for Asian countries (Asian Cross Country Rally – AXCR), located in the racing system of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

This year, the tournament will start on August 10 in Pattaya (Thailand) and end on August 16 in Naypyitaw (Myanmar). Racers will have to go through mountain roads, jungles, beaches, plantations and many different harsh terrain conditions, overcoming challenges and conquering the most difficult natural conditions in Asia. Accompanying Racing AKA in this tournament will still be the Mitsubishi Triton sports pick-up model with strong and flexible performance on all terrains.

Vietnamese racing team competes at the Trans-Asia Rally racing-aka.jpg AKA Racing team with the Mitsubishi Triton.

With preparation time within the last 2 weeks of July, the entire team hastily compiled a detailed list of work and equipment needed to upgrade the entire original Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck into a racing car that meets the criteria. FIA standards. Because of the high requirements of the tournament, Racing AKA has upgraded and manufactured items that can be upgraded domestically before departing for Thailand at 3:00 pm on August 3, 2019 to complete the upgrade process. Issue and inspect racing cars. This travel distance lasts about 1,300km through Laos and Northern Thailand to Bangkok. The total number of spare parts and equipment attached to the original car is up to 30 parts, there are new equipment that must be installed such as: Roll Cage/FIA standard anti-roll frame, Chassis cover/undercarriage protector. vehicle, Trip meter/FIA standard speedometer..etc. Even the 2 Tritons used as logistics vehicles for the tournament have been upgraded with many items to ensure stability when following support.

Vietnamese racing team competes at the Trans-Asia Rally triton-1.jpg Racing AKA team will race in T1 format

This year, at the AXCR 2019 race, there are up to 74 teams with racing classes including “locomotive” motorbikes, 3-wheeled vehicles, and off-road cars (SUV/Pick-up) participating in the competition, coming from all over Asia. The car racing class alone has 34 teams, divided into 3 formats (T1.T2.T3) corresponding to the car’s format, including: Upgraded Cross-Country racing cars, FIA standard Cross-Country racing cars, Automobiles. conversion racing or Adventure mode. The AKA Racing team will race in T1 format: using the new Mitsubishi Triton and having to compete with 19 other strong opponents. Asia Cross Country Rally 2019, has a total of 6 races divided into 3 stages in Thailand, 3 stages in Malaysia with a total length of up to 2400km. Each race is limited to a maximum running time and there will be time penalties if you are too slow, or cannot complete the race. This year’s Asian Cross Country Rally journey will start on August 10 in Pattaya (Thailand) through the regions of Nakorn Nayok, Kamphaeng Phet, Mae Sot, then cross the border of Thailand and Myanmar in Myawwaddy, Hpa An, ending on August 16 in the capital Naypyitaw.

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