Vietnam has a racing team participating in Asia’s cross-country Rally racing tournament

Racing AKA is the first professional racing team in Vietnam to officially participate in Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) – the cross-country Rally racing tournament of the Asian region and also in the racing system of the Automobile Federation. international motorbike (FIA).

The AXCR tournament has been organized since 1996 and is considered by the FIA ​​to be the same racing system as the prestigious Dakar Rally but at a continental level. Asia Cross Country Rally commonly known as AXCR or Asian Rally is held every August and starts from Thailand to other countries. The competition route covers mountains, jungles, coastlines, plantations and various harsh road conditions, with the challenge being to conquer the most difficult weather and natural conditions in Asia.

Vietnam has a racing team participating in Asia's cross-country Rally racing tournament dua-xe-rally.JPG

Mr. Tadayuki Sasa (left) – Director and founder of AXCR – shared about the plan to bring the AXCR racing tournament to Vietnam.

This year, the tournament will start on August 10 in Pattaya (Thailand) and end on August 16 in Naypyitaw (Myanmar). The 2019 AXCR race will go through the Nakorn Nayok, Kamphaeng Phet, Mae Sot regions, then cross the Thailand/Myanmar border in Myawaddy, Hpa An, ending in Myanmar’s capital Naypyitaw.

On July 16, Mr. Tadayuki Sasa – Director and founder of AXCR – had a press meeting to share information about the AXCR race. Here, Mr. Tadayuki Sasa also officially announced the presence of Vietnam’s first professional rally racing team at AXCR 2019, AKA Racing team.

According to Mr. Tadayuki Sasa, the AKA Racing team is urgently upgrading and equipping the Mitsubishi Triton into a competition car according to FIA technical standards. Racing AKA will leave for Thailand and start the season from Pattaya (Thailand) on August 10.

Vietnam has a racing team participating in Asia's cross-country Rally racing tournament mitsubishi-05.jpg

Racing AKA with the Mitsubishi Triton model is about to leave for Thailand to attend AXCR 2019.

Mr. Tadayuki Sasa said that Vietnam is emerging as an extremely vibrant and inspiring country in Asia. Vietnam has many important criteria for the organizers of the AXCR racing tournament when it meets all the necessary factors: the natural road conditions available are very diverse for Rally racing, people are passionate about off-road racing, the Eager to quickly absorb international sporting events.

However, he also said that to organize a standard and successful AXCR race, there is still a lot of complicated work that needs to be done at the same time. Therefore, the difficulty is to pay attention to the whole, not to highlight or disregard any individual factor for the sake of personal interests. If held in Vietnam, even if it is just one leg, it will still be a series of events and it is necessary to create a close connection and coordination between partners to achieve the best results. Local partners must demonstrate professional organizational ability and, importantly, help AXCR build and develop its brand here.

The Offroad Racing AKA racing team competes in the Off-Road Racing Championship

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