Vespa Super GTS – Scooter for men

Priced at only 2/3 of the imported version, the Vespa Super GTS model assembled by Piaggio in Vietnam is really “attracting customers” with its masculine appearance, powerful engine and comfortable driving feeling.

  • Price: 79,800,000 VND (VAT included)

“Vietnamese” Italian cars

Italian design, designed for Europeans, but the “domestic” Vespa Super GTS large-sized scooter model has been cleverly adjusted by Piaggio to better suit Vietnamese consumers.

The first noticeable point is the price. By being assembled in Vietnam, localized up to 90%, taking advantage of cheap local labor, not being taxed to import complete units, along with eliminating some unnecessary details, Piaggio has Reduce the cost by up to 1/3 compared to imported cars. This is the prerequisite factor that “pulls” consumers to approach and decide to use the products of the Italian car company.

Vespa Super GTS - Scooter for men 1 autodaily gts outdoor (17).jpgThe “domestic” Vespa Super GTS has been cleverly adjusted by Piaggio to better suit Vietnamese consumers.

Besides, Piaggio seems to be letting everyone know how important the Vietnamese market is to this car company. If Primavera was introduced to Vietnamese customers after less than 2 weeks of being present at the ECIMA – Italy exhibition, the Vespa GTS Super using a 125cc engine was present in Vietnam first. That can be seen on Piaggio’s websites, any country that has a GTS model, it must be a Vespa GTS Super 300cc using ie technology. And up to this point, only Vietnam has Vespa GTS Super 125.

Only bringing the 125cc engine version to the Vietnamese market is a correct strategy because it is suitable for use in crowded urban environments, requiring flexibility and not being too powerful like a car with a large capacity. capacity 300cc.

Masculine style

Vespa GTS Super is one of the few scooters in Vietnam aimed at men. The limitation of the target audience for men is most clearly shown through the large overall design, 800mm saddle height and flat saddle surface, making people who have to be 1m70 or taller to really feel secure when resting their feet. . Simple design combined with graceful, elegant curves and round headlights. Front panel in recent Vespa 946 style. The car cover is designed more simply with V-shaped chrome bars, elegant and high-class.

GTS Super continues to be “Vietnamese” through every small detail. First of all is the control cluster. If on imported cars the switch on the right will be the temporary engine stop button, the Vietnamese version has changed with a 3-mode light switch: off, standby light and lighting. This light switch is more suitable and useful for Vietnam’s climate and traffic. The watch face still retains the GT’s classic look, but the GTS Super removes the heat gauge.

The advantage of the GTS is that the trunk is very large, can hold 2 full face helmets and a number of other items. In addition, this is also a rare vehicle in the Vespa line that is equipped with a button to open the trunk instead of having to use the key in the seat.

It can be said that the Vespa GTS Super 125 is the most beautiful scooter in the Vietnamese market at the present time. It is strong, masculine but still has an elegant Italian “quality”.

Powerful and flexible operation

Strong and flexible – Those are two essential elements for a scooter in Vietnam and for men. Piaggio has achieved this by equipping a powerful enough engine for the Vespa GTS Super but adding reasonable details so that the vehicle can operate smoothly and easily.

Vespa Super GTS - Scooter for men 1 autodaily gts outdoor (22).jpgGTS Super 3v ie can travel 64km with every liter of gasoline if maintaining a speed of 50km/h

Just like Piaggio’s traditional frame technology, the Vespa GTS Super frame is stamped in one piece to create additional stability. The design of the GTS Super’s engine suspension system has been improved. Instead of using tripod rubber pads, this model has been improved with a rotary transmission on balls to dampen and eliminate vibration.

The front shock absorber uses a single dual-effect hydraulic shock absorber combined with telescopic springs, the rear shock absorber also uses dual-effect shock absorbers with telescopic springs and can be adjusted to 4 different positions. The vehicle is equipped with a single disc brake system for both front and rear with a diameter of 220mm.

In the previous generation GTS Super ie, Piaggio used a 4-valve engine, but on the new GTS Super, they converted it to a 3v ie, the type of engine used on the recent Vespa LX or S. New 4-stroke, 3-valve 3v engine (2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve), single overhead camshaft integrated with electronic fuel injection system combined for maximum power of 9.65 horsepower and maximum torque maximum 9.5 Nm. This parameter makes the car save much more fuel than the old version. Piaggio said, GTS Super 3v ie can travel 64km with every liter of gasoline if maintaining a speed of 50km/h. This is quite an impressive number considering that the GTS Super is much heavier than the Primavera and the car’s engine is also much more powerful.


For those who want to find a vehicle with a healthy body shape, comfortable operation and convenience, the Vespa GTS Super is a worthy choice. Along with reducing prices and targeting a specific audience of Vietnamese men, the car will be a formidable competitor to any other car model in the same segment.

Vespa Super GTS - Scooter for men 1 autodaily gts outdoor (12).jpgVespa GTS Super is being sold by Piaggio Vietnam for 79.8 million VND

Currently, Vespa GTS Super is being sold by Piaggio Vietnam for 79.8 million VND, with 3 color options: red, white and gray. This is also the first time in the Vietnamese motorbike market that a car company applies a 3-year or 30,000 km warranty policy for a motorbike line.



  • Length x Width: 1,950 mm x 740 mm
  • Saddle height: 800 mm
  • The standard long: 1,350 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 9 liters
  • Waste tank standards: Euro 3
  • Engine Type: 3 valve, single cylinder, 4 stroke
  • Fuel supply system: Electronic fuel injection
  • Cylinder capacity: 124.5 cc
  • Maximum capacity: 7.2 KW/7,750 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 9.5 Nm/6000 rpm
  • Fuel used: Gasoline A92 (and A95)
  • Front shock absorber (front fork): Dual-effect single hydraulic shock absorber combined with telescopic spring
  • Rear shock absorber (rear fork): Dual hydraulic shock absorbers with 4-position adjustable telescopic springs
  • Front/rear brake system: 220mm diameter disc brake
  • Front/rear tires: Tubeless tire 120/70 – 12″/130/70 – 12”

Mr. Duc (TTTD)
Photo: Le Thang

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