“Unique product” Megelli 175R appeared in Saigon

Not only does it possess a sporty outfit commonly found in racing cars, the Megelli 175R also possesses an engine with quite strong “internal power” compared to competitors in the same segment. This “unique product” version has officially “stormed” Saigon…

The new king of the “fly class” motorbike world

For car enthusiasts, the British brand Megelli is not a strange brand. This motorbike brand from the foggy country has become quite famous for launching sports cars with attractive designs, similar to racing cars in motoGP arenas.

If anyone has ever watched the Minerva Sachs Racing Championship, which often takes place on Indonesia’s Sentul racetrack, they will certainly not forget the majestic image of Megelli-branded racing cars, competing in the 250cc class.

The 175R version appearing in Saigon is considered a “unique” version because currently Megelli only has commercial versions of the 125cc and 250cc versions. As explained by the representative of the Megelli 175R distributor in the Vietnamese market – a chain of stores specializing in large displacement vehicles Motorrock: “With the 175cc capacity of the 175R version, consumers in Vietnam, Indonesia… can use Use comfortably without having to deal with driver’s license procedures like A2”.

Like the 250R version, the Megelli 175R has an “outfit” that is considered a replica of a racing car. This outfit is “renovated” from the Megelli 125R version that made waves in Saigon before. It is designed quite harmoniously with sporty lines often found in sportbike lines.

Looking from the front, the Megelli 175R has a face similar to a wasp with many design hybrid features of the speed king Yamaha R1. The car’s eyes are like the “steed” that dominated the racetracks in the first half of the 1990s – Ducati 916.

An impressive point in the design of the Megelli 175R is that the pair of headlights uses H1 halogen bulbs with a capacity of 55W but is designed like a projector lamp. This is a type of lamp that is popular with young people today.

Modern style car clock. Open the key, the clock hand sweeps around in a stylish circle like a “huge” car. Parameters on speed, rpm, temperature, steps… are all fully integrated.

Megelli 175R uses a tubular frame system made from ultra-light aluminum alloy like the “elder generations” to exude a strong look. Although this frame is not designed in the form of a swing arm swing arm like the Agusta MV, the tubular frame structure inevitably reminds people of the “speed kings” from Italy.

Convenient for urban transportation

If the Megelli 125R version uses a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 124cc, single cylinder SOHC manufactured by SYM (Taiwan) with a maximum capacity of 11 horsepower at 8,500 rpm, then the 175R version uses Using a 4-stroke water-cooled engine SOHC 4 Valve, 174cc with a compression ratio of 11.1: 1.

A model with a bold European design, the Megelli 175R has a seat height of 800mm. However, for people with a height of 1.65m, operating the car is not too difficult.

Sitting in the car, inserting the key and turning the gas, the car’s exhaust roared loudly, feeling very excited. Because it is equipped with a single cylinder engine, the car does not make a howling sound like cars equipped with double cylinders. However, with its attractive design and excellent performance on domestic roads, this model becomes a formidable competitor to the Honda CBR150 or Visitor Phoenix R175. Surfing with a car on the street, you can’t help but make many people look up.

The driver can easily maneuver this vehicle with a total weight of 130 kg in tight corners. However, with the front wheel using Chen Shin (CST) Magsport 49H tire size 100/70-17, the rear Magsport 62H tire size 130/70-17 makes the driver not confident when curbing at speed. height.

What is worth giving a plus point about the Megelli 175R is that the tubular frame creates a feeling of compactness and does not drag the tail when cornering like what is often seen in some fly-class motorcycles.

Megelli 175R uses a 6-speed, manual clutch transmission system. The fuel tank has a capacity of 13 liters. The vehicle’s safety is guaranteed thanks to a pair of front disc brakes with a diameter of up to 320mm with 2 pistons on one brake disc. The rear wheel cluster of the car is equipped with a small disc brake cluster with a diameter of 230mm with a hydraulic piston to decelerate.

The monoshock rear shock absorber is manufactured by Sachs and has the ability to adjust the height and compression of the damper piston. The front shock absorber is a branded up side down shock absorber from Fast Ace.

Bao Chau (according to TTTĐ)

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