Tickets to watch F1 in Vietnam cost from 1.75 million VND

Vietnam Grand Prix Company – the organizer of the Formula 1 race in Hanoi – has officially announced the first ticket sales for the Hanoi F1 race taking place in April 2020 with a limited number of only 5,565 tickets. same starting price from 1.75 million VND.

According to the announcement from the F1 organizing committee in Hanoi, there will be 3 ticket classes sold to fans of this fast-paced sport, including Walkabout Tickets, equivalent to General Admission standard tickets. at closed racetracks), Grandstand Tickets and VIP tickets (Hospitality Tickets) – get to sit in a private area, have food, drinks, parking, private entrance….

The organizers have opened for sale for the first time with a limited number of 5,565 tickets, equal to the length of the F1 Hanoi 2020 racetrack. Of which, General tickets are priced at 75 USD/3 days (equivalent to 1.75 million VND/3 days). ). With this type of ticket, spectators will not have seats but will be served food and participate in other activities around the racetrack. For tickets in the Grandstand position, the price will be 390 USD/3 days (about 9.1 million VND). This type of ticket provides the best view of the audience’s seats and food is provided.

Particularly for VIP tickets – the highest ticket class with prices up to 5,000 USD/day, giving viewers the most convenient services such as being able to sit in a private area with close-up views of the racing teams, and a private entrance. When traveling privately, you can experience parties from famous chefs, along with other classy services such as spa facilities, beer clubs, night bars…

Tickets to watch F1 in Vietnam cost from 1.75 million VND 2019-04-22-093840.png

Thus, the starting price of 1.75 million VND is considered quite affordable for many Vietnamese people who are passionate about F1 racing.

In fact, each F1 race has a different ticket sales policy, some races sell individual tickets for each race day, some races only sell tickets for at least 2 race days, or all race days (usually 3-4 days). ). In the 2018 season, which includes 21 races, the average ticket price is about 417 USD (9.6 million VND). China (160 USD) and Russia (241 USD) are the two places with the cheapest tickets, while the most expensive are the routes in Abu Dhabi (632 USD) and Monaco (850 USD).

Compared to the previous season, on average a standard ticket in the 2018 season costs 161 USD, an increase of 13.4%. The most affordable ticket price is 264 USD, an increase of 14.3%, while a grandstand ticket with the best seats (the type that sits opposite the starting line) is 637 USD, an increase of 5.6%.

If compared to standard tickets (which usually have the most sales), the cheapest is the Shanghai route (71 USD – not including insurance), while the most expensive in Monaco is 517.5 USD, according to f1destinations.

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