Tame the “god of thunder” Honda VTX1800

The Honda VTX1800 is considered one of the “beasts” of the cruiser world when it possesses a “heart” with the same capacity as a sports sedan. With a capacity of up to 1795cc, this engine is classified as a “storm”, with terrible destruction not inferior to the “king” Honda Valkyrie Rune…

Among Honda’s muscle cars, the VTX series cars are always considered a “delicious dish” for those who like to own bold, personality-filled cars. From the concept model named Zodia first introduced at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda made “followers” excited when launching the commercial version VTX1800 in 2002 and then continuing with the miniature version VTX1300 in 2002. 2003.

Compared to design, there is not much difference between VTX1800 and VTX1300. An easily identifiable feature is that the VTX 1300 only uses a single front disc brake system while the VTX1800 has double disc brakes. Compared to popularity in Vietnam, the number of VTX1300 is more than VTX1800 because the car has a slightly oversized appearance and engine.

Style: Bold shoulders, muscular

At first sight, the VTX1800 makes the driver overwhelmed with its rather massive physique. Although it doesn’t have a pair of boxer-shaped helmet lights or a massive V6 engine like Valkyrie Rune, this “beast” still exudes charm. With a series of details on the car plated with stainless steel and shiny chrome, this car model cannot help but make you curious and eager to explore.

It can be said that the VTX1800 has the bold design style of classic American cruise cars. The detail that clearly shows that is the front headlight cluster shaped like the classic Shadow that is currently being inherited by the VTX1800’s descendant, the Honda Fury. The soft look of the headlights combined with the handlebars spread out to both sides and the 45 mm diameter up and down reduction system exudes a strong look.

A detail that shows the classic look of the VTX1800’s design is the central display system with only the speed display cluster arranged on the steering wheel cluster. The fuel indicator light system, water tank temperature indicator, turn signals, oil change indicator… are located on the fuel tank cap.

Viewed from the side, the long fuel tank curves smoothly in an S-shape with the front seat, making the vehicle look soft. However, in contrast to the soft look above, the bottom of the fuel tank exudes a sinewy look with the V-Twin engine cluster placed at a 52-degree angle and massive double exhaust pipes, making the car look very sturdy.

The VTX1800 exudes a muscular coolness with a sturdy frame structure up to 2,463 mm in length. The 18-inch 3-spoke spiral wheels also contribute significantly to enhancing the aggressive look of this “beast”.

At the rear of the car, Honda does not use a chain drive system but uses propeller shaft technology combined with 16-inch wheels to increase the power of this giant. The entire system of brake levers, gears and footrests are plated with stainless steel, making the car look more polished.

Outstanding on the rear of the VTX1800 is the taillights shaped like a ruby, making the car exude a modern style, in contrast to the classic look at the front of the car.

“Storm” engine

One thing must be admitted, the VTX1800 is not for skinny guys or people who don’t like to exercise. The body of this giant weighs up to 320kg, and the steering wheel is bulky, not an ideal car model for those with a scholarly physique.

VTX1800 is also not an ideal car for street driving. With a vehicle length of up to 2,463 mm and a not wide steering wheel rotation, it will make you frustrated when turning, especially on narrow streets. Not to mention that when operating at slow speeds, the engine gets quite hot, which will make the driver uncomfortable every time he passes through crowded streets.

VTX1800 uses a V-Twin engine with a capacity of 1795cc, water-cooled, with a compression ratio of 9:1. This nearly 1800cc engine can produce 107 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 163 Nm at 3000 rpm. In theory, the VTX1800’s engine can help this giant take 12.3 seconds to reach a speed of 170km/h. Maximum speed is 200km/h.

Sitting in the car, turning the key in and turning on the gas, the sound of the engine exploding in the hand makes the driver excited. Cut the clutch into gear and then gently twist the throttle. Contrary to what the driver imagined, the car rolled gently, not slowly. The heavy weight of the car gradually disappears, replaced by a feeling of lightness.

Because it is designed in the style of a pure cruiser, the VTX1800 creates a comfortable sitting position. The seat height of 693 mm is not too high, combined with the wide seat surface and easy-to-control handlebars, making driving this “giant” in the inner city not too difficult for someone with a height of no more than 1.68m as the driver. hard.

On empty roads, try shifting gears and pressing the VTX1800 throttle to immediately show off its power. The sound of the exhaust pipe “screaming” made passersby look back. When accelerating suddenly, the car has a slight delay and then suddenly jumps forward like a tiger bent at full speed to pounce on its prey. The driver feels like a jet accelerating suddenly when taking off. That moment can make any “follower” of the VTX1800 surprised and excited when driving.

VTX1800 uses a 5-speed gearbox. With the help of hydraulic subsystem, this gearbox operates smoothly. This is the advantage of Honda branded motorcycles.

Due to the vehicle’s low center of gravity and heavy vehicle weight, the VTX1800 corners quite smoothly. The handlebars bend out to the sides combined with the front fork with a moderate tilt angle to help the driver take turns more flexibly. The rear wheel has a size of 180/70-R16 that grips the road quite well. Although the ability to operate on bad roads is quite good, with a fairly low chassis, when moving on roads with high convexity, the Honda VTX1800 faces many difficulties.

Thanks to being equipped with the LBS emergency braking system (Link Braking System), the VTX1800 is quite safe when running at high speed. Tested on the Binh Chau – Ho Coc road, when reaching a speed of over 140km/h, the driver braked suddenly. With a 296mm double disc front brake system and a 316mm single disc rear brake, this “beast” quickly reins in without any rear drag.


Although the design is not as eye-catching as its brother Honda Valkyrie Rune, the VTX1800 is a “delicious dish” that any “follower” of the cruiser line wants to enjoy. The heavy weight of the vehicle is not suitable for people with small stature, but this giant is still sought after by many people.

Bao Chau (TTTD)

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