Suzuki GZ150–A – Is it a challenge?

Many opinions say that Suzuki Vietnam’s launch of the GZ150-A model to the market is a breath of fresh air worth looking forward to. But is the car a challenge to affordable manual clutch cars in the same segment in Vietnam?

New wind

With the slogan “change and challenge”, Suzuki is trying to push its products to be competitive with “compatriot” brands that are stronger in both the fields of cars, large displacement motorbikes and motorbikes. Common.

GZ150–A – Suzuki’s new breeze

Reality shows that, in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, the name Suzuki is always a “latecomer” and quite obscure in each product area. When talking about Japanese cars, people often think of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda… before remembering Suzuki. Large displacement vehicles from Honda and Yamaha also appear to be quite dominant and more diverse when compared to Suzuki. In terms of popular motorbike product lines in Vietnam, Suzuki rarely makes its mark on consumers. There are even some models that are considered “failures” of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. The SkyDrive scooter model disappeared after its launch. Hayate has been “submerged” for many years but still hasn’t “emerged”. Names like Revo and X-bike seem too strange.

Does the new name make a difference!?

The glorious days of Suzuki Viva and FX are gone. GN or RGV-125 – the time when young people mentioned the above names with admiration, the time when Suzuki cars filled the streets. Suzuki has lost its own image when its product lines gave Vietnamese users too few choices. If buyers have to hesitate before a long list of products from Honda and Yamaha with all types from manual cars, popular scooters to high-end scooters, then Suzuki is too “poor”. That is also the point that is said to make Suzuki always “out of breath” in the race for market share. In addition, the Japanese car company is too indifferent in branding in Vietnam. There were no much-anticipated launches, no product introductions, car testing sessions, and no “fever”. Suzuki will not create any “challenge” if it does not “change”.

“Change” has arrived At least in Suzuki’s choice

And “change” has come, when in less than 2 months, Suzuki Vietnam has introduced 2 manual clutch models to the market. First is the appearance of EN150-A with a selling price of 45 million VND, followed by the GZ-150A model also with a similar price. It is said to be a “change” because Suzuki has chosen a new vehicle segment – the popular manual clutch motorbike segment, which was previously dominated by Yamaha Exciter – a model very popular with young people in Vietnam. The change is also shown in the way Suzuki launched these two models to the market: creating public opinion, intentionally leaking information, refreshing the design and even skepticism about the quality and origin when the cars were released. Imported complete units but the price is as cheap as a domestically produced and assembled model. That is certainly a “new breeze”, but whether the new breeze creates a hurricane enough to “blow away” competitors in the same segment such as Yamaha Exciter, Visitor Phoenix R125, Honda Fortune… or not, we still have to ask. Have to wait again for time and verify the quality of the car.

Suzuki GZ150–A – Is it challenging enough!?

Do not choose to offer a sportbike model like the Phoenix. Also do not approach customers with a manual clutch vehicle with a popular design like the Exciter. Suzuki brings to Vietnamese customers a quite classic cruiser.

Suzuki brings to Vietnamese customers a quite classic cruiser

Suzuki GZ150–A is designed with a classic sound down to every detail. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank, high handlebars and low cruiser-style saddle bring a comfortable feeling to the rider. Bullet shaped headlights. The taillight cluster with a pair of turn signals extending to the sides creates a grandeur for the vehicle when viewed from the rear. Even the saddle and backrest for the rear passenger are “decorated” with steel studs, making the car stronger and more masculine.

Tubular instrument cluster (including separate fuel gauge and speedometer) with simple but easy-to-see parameters. Below the steering wheel is an electronic digital display convenient for users. The 3 double spoke wheels are strong but also very soft with just enough curves.

Suzuki GZ150-A has an overall length of 2,250 mm, width of 900 mm and height of 1,160 mm. Seat height is 710 mm. The back of the car is equipped with two storage boxes, enough to hold the necessary items. The driver’s footrest tilts forward creating a comfortable sitting position. GZ150-A has front and rear shock absorbers of cylindrical spring type, hydraulic dampers, tubeless tires, 11.5 liter fuel tank capacity, cast rims, front wheel size 90/90R18, rear wheel size 120/80R16 . These features make the car very suitable for long trips.

Suzuki GZ150-A has features that make the vehicle very suitable for long trips

Suzuki’s new model uses the S150FI engine, 4-stroke, single cylinder, 149cc capacity, air-cooled for maximum power of 11.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and torque. Twist 11.2 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The above power combined with a 5-speed transmission system that operates flexibly in addition to the engine reduction system – parallel dynamic balance system – helps the car have the ability to accelerate quickly and strongly.

The car has quite powerful engine parameters

In addition, the GZ150-A is equipped with an advanced DCP-FI fuel injection system that helps ensure accurate fuel combustion ratio and ignition time, making every drop of burned fuel contribute to creating engine power. Strong force for the engine. Unfortunately, a few lines of comments from car testers, with “good words and beautiful ideas” about the design, engine and operation mentioned above, only make car enthusiasts over the age of 40 “listen to the ears of car enthusiasts over 40 years old”. ”. It seems that the car’s design is “too old” for young users. Sitting in the test car, although the gear changes are quite sweet, the driver himself also feels disappointed when the exhaust sound is too quiet and does not create excitement. These are probably also minus points in the eyes of young customers.

It seems that the car’s design is “too old” for young users

With a relatively reasonable price and unique vehicle design, the GZ150-A is expected to create competition with competitors in the affordable manual transmission segment. However, no matter how good the car’s quality is, how well it operates, how strong and masculine the appearance is… the right to decide still belongs to the buyer. Currently, Suzuki GZ150-A has a suggested retail price of 45,490,000 VND.


  • Dimensions length x width: 2,250 x 900 mm
  • Saddle height: 710 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 11.5 liters
  • Engine: single cylinder 4 stroke, 149 cc
  • Torque: 11.2 Nm/ 6,000 rpm
  • Wattage: 8.6kW/8,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: air cooled
  • Transmission box: manual clutch, 5 levels
  • Front/rear shock absorbers: hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Front/rear brake system: disc/muscle
  • Front-rear tires: Tubeless tires 90/90R18 – 120/80R16

See more detailed photos of the new breeze Suzuki GZ150–A

The Dat (TTTD)

Photo: Le Thang

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