Stage 6 of MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeated Marquez to win his first victory

Ducati team rider Danilo Petrucci won his first MotoGP victory at a dramatic race in Italy, while defending champion Marc Marquez still “settled” at the top position on the overall scoreboard this season.

Stage 6 of MotoGP 2019 took place at the Mugello racetrack (Italy) last weekend and witnessed extremely dramatic chases in the leading group with the participation of the duo of riders Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati racing team). ), Marc Marquez (Honda racing team) and Alex Rins (Suzuki racing team).

Stage 6 MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeats Marquez for first win motogp-italian-gp-2019-podium-2.jpg

In the end, the victory belonged to home country racer Danilo Petrucci with a very impressive performance of 41 minutes 33 seconds 794, beating racer Marc Marquez when he crossed the finish line first by only 0.043 seconds, marking a narrow victory. to the point of suffocation. Not only that, along with Andrea Dovizioso’s impressive performance, two Ducati team riders were honored on the podium at Mugello, next to the Honda rider.

Stage 6 MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeats Marquez to win first 2019-mugello-motogp-results-3.jpg

Driver number 9 Petrucci continuously holds the leading position in the race

Winning stage 6 of MotoGP 2019 promises to help Petrucci retain his seat on the 2020 Ducati racing team when this 28-year-old racer’s contract with Ducati will end at the end of the season.

Stage 6 MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeats Marquez to win first andrea-dovizioso-e-danilo-petrucci-motogp-jerez-2019.jpg
2 Ducati team riders won 2/3 of the leading positions in stage 6.

After 124 races in the MotoGP racing arena, Petrucci finally won his first victory at home at Mugello. However, clearly, Petrucci’s victory in MotoGP stage 6 was completely convincing as this racer continuously led the race and almost maintained the No. 1 position in the second half of the stage.

Stage 6 MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeats Marquez to win first 641211-16x9-lg.jpg

If in the first 4 races, Marc Marquez kept the lead thanks to his starting position in the pole position, then Danilo Petrucci regained the top position in rounds 5-6. This Ducati team rider continued to maintain the number 1 position in rounds 11-21 and successfully defended the leading position in the 23rd final round despite huge competitive pressure from defending champion Marquez , from “old man” Dovizioso and from Alex Rins (Suzuki team).

Stage 6 MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeats Marquez to win first 2019-06-03-174626.png

Final results of stage 6 of MotoGP 2019.

By reaching the finish line first in stage 6 of MotoGP 2019, Danilo Petrucci has added 25 points, bringing the total score on the overall rankings to 82 points, surpassing Valentino Rossi to take 4th place. Meanwhile, with the position 2nd on the podium at Mugello, Marquez won 20 points, firmly consolidating the number 1 position on the 2019 season driver rankings with 115 points, 12 points away from driver Andrea Dovizioso in second place.

Stage 6 MotoGP 2019: Petrucci defeats Marquez to win first racefansdotnet-20190602-120945-1.jpg

Stage 4 of MotoGP 2019: Marquez affirms his strength on the field

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