Stage 5 of ARRC 2019 will take place in China instead of Korea

Zhuhai International Raceway (China) will be the venue for stage 5 of ARRC 2019, taking place from August 9-11. Previously, according to the original schedule, stage 5 of ARRC 2019 competed at the racetrack in Korea.

After 7 years of absence, the ARRC race has returned to China. The last time ARRC was held at the 4.3 km long racetrack in China was in 2012.

In this surprising return, ARRC 2019 will have an additional ASB1000 competition content, in addition to the familiar content of SS600, AP250 and UB150.

ARRC 2019 stage 5 will take place in China instead of Korea arrc-2019-round3-race1-036.jpg

Stage 5 of ARRC 2019 will take place at Zhuhai International Circuit (China) instead of at the racetrack in Korea as originally scheduled.

Mr. Ron Hogg, director of the Two Wheels Motor Racing team, promoter of the ARRC race, said: “Zhuhai International Circuit (Zhuhai International Circuit) and ARRC have always maintained a close cooperative relationship despite We have not held racing in China in the past few years. We hope the return of ARRC will open up new opportunities for Chinese racers who are striving to bring their racing teams to the regional level.”

Round 5 of ARRC 2019 will take place in China instead of Korea arrc-2019-round5.jpg Diagram of Zhuhai racetrack.

Zhuhai International Circuit is located in Zhuhai city, Southern China. Inaugurated in 1996, Zhuhai International Circuit is China’s first permanent motor racing track.

Before the 2019 ARRC Stage 5 at Zhuhai International Raceway (China), Stage 4 of the Asian motor racing season will take place at Suzuka International Racing Course (Japan) from August 28- June 30.

Starting in 1996, Asian Motorcycle Racing Championship (ARRC) is one of the most prestigious racing events in Asia and Oceania, a prerequisite for national champions to advance to a higher level, and at the same time open a new chapter for the sport. this drama in Asia.

From the 2019 season, Honda Racing Vietnam is the representative of Vietnam competing at ARRC with 3 members participating in two UB150 competition formats (including 2 riders, Le Khanh Loc #48 and Nguyen Vu Thanh #99). and AP250 (including 1 racer, Cao Vietnam #65). These are the members who have been “entrusted” to the Yuzy – Malaysia racing team since 2016.

On June 1-2, stage 3 of the 2019 Asian motor racing season officially kicked off at Chang International Raceway (Buriam, Thailand) recording the outstanding performance of racer Cao Viet. Nam and achieved the highest ranking of his career. At the end of the first 3 races of the ARRC 2019 season, Cao Vietnam won 27 points and is currently ranked 13/29 riders. The impressive performance of “Crazy Guy” also helped Honda Racing Vietnam improve its ranking, climbing to position 6/15 competing teams.

ARRC 2019 stage 1: Honda Racing Vietnam and the historic opening

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