“Sprint” with Vespa Sprint

If anyone has a passion for vintage Vespa cars, they are no stranger to the name Sprint. The car was once considered a measure to evaluate the luxury of car owners in the 60s in Vietnam. And now, Piaggio has “renew” the name “sprint king” in a worthy way.

Pride from the past

Before learning about the Vespa Sprint model that Piaggio recently launched, let’s go back in time, back to the past, back to the car that old Vespa players often called “Ping” to see the difference. its superiority right from the day of its “birth”.

Neat but still maintaining an imposing “demeanor” and always ready to explode, that is what the Sprint 150 model is about. 10-wheel system, with quite radical improvements in the engine shaft and cylinders. linen. With later Sprint models, the cylinder has been upgraded to 3 doors (Sprint Veloce). Having an additional exhaust door has significantly improved the vehicle’s speed.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (8).jpgThe new Vespa Sprint is the successor of “a legend”

Sprint was launched in 1965 and reigned for nearly 20 years. By 1980, Sprint cars were still in production with more than two million vehicles shipped. The car was present in Vietnam quite early, in the late 1960s. During its initial appearance, the Sprint was considered a measure to evaluate the luxury of car owners, who were mainly foreign officials. , as well as high-ranking government officials, was the desire of many young people at that time.

With its majestic, luxurious appearance and good usability, Sprint was once nicknamed the “Flying Salon”.

In April 2014, not long after its launch in Italy, Piaggio’s newest scooter model Vespa Sprint was also officially introduced in Vietnam. This is said to be the model that will replace the previous Vespa S series, but in fact it has been supplemented with modern technology, and at the same time, inherits many sophisticated design features as well as the power from the Sprint model. was born in the 60s of the last century.

Beautiful every inch

Inheriting the traditional fashion, style and elegance of Vespa, the Sprint also has the appearance of a modern vehicle with many bold cut or embossed details on the body.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (17).jpgSprint once again demonstrates the unique fashion and style of Vespa products

Seen from the front, the new Vespa Sprint has a hexagonal headlight that evokes a stronger, more masculine look than the round light on the Primavera. In addition, the large 12-inch rims, seat rims with contrasting white thread and red dotted details such as the letter S in the phrase Sprint or the 3 arrow edges on the nose of the car also help add a lot of looks. sporty and healthy for the car.

Unique mango-shaped rearview mirror. This friendly aerodynamic design is very similar to the improved rearview mirrors on today’s cars that help reduce wind resistance and stabilize the vehicle at high speeds.

The dashboard is nostalgically inspired by the “older brother” Sprint 1965. The old-new mixed design is handled delicately. Modern features are shown in the LCD screen. The speedometer needle and the display light of the red LCD screen give the watch face a sporty and elegant look, in harmony with the red accent on the car’s front tie. The navigation light and brake light system are made entirely of advanced LED technology.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (51).jpg “Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (39).jpg

The mode button to adjust the vehicle’s distance tracking modes is no longer located on the watch face but has been moved to the control button cluster on the right, making the driver more focused.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (40).jpg “Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (41).jpg

Moving the battery to a new location (under the footrest) has increased the space of the storage compartment under the seat to 16.6 liters, which can fit a large helmet. One minus point is that you still use a separate lock to open the seat and that even though there is insulation, the trunk is still very hot due to the engine location right below. The rear handle is squarely designed combined with reasonable legroom, helping the rear passenger feel more comfortable and safe.

The rear of the Vespa Sprint is compact and tapered, looking like the first Vespa model, reminiscent of the image of a “bumblebee”. Classic features once again appear, harmonized with the new design to create the beauty of the car.


Vespa Sprint 125/150 cc uses a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, forced air-cooled engine with 3 valves (2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve) and a single overhead camshaft integrated with a fuel injection system electronic. To achieve better performance, Piaggio has carried out a series of thorough studies to reduce friction and increase dynamics.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (4).jpgPiaggio launches a powerful scooter model for men

The first is the PFI (Port Fuel Injection) port fuel injection system. This new fuel injection system helps improve power at low rpm range. Although the engine delay when starting from when the car is stationary is still present, but when the accelerator is suddenly accelerated at a speed below 30km/h, the Sprint accelerates strongly in a “sprint” style.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (29).jpg
Accelerate suddenly at a speed below 30km/h, the Sprint jumps up strongly like a “sprint”

In addition, PFI port fuel injection technology also reduces waste during the injection process, so the vehicle will be somewhat more economical as a result. Furthermore, this improvement also helps users reduce costs in the event of failure because each component assembly can be easily replaced in the event of a problem thanks to the new fuel injection system that operates independently for each assembly.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (28).jpg “Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (34).jpg

The car is not only powerful but also very fuel efficient

It was also added that after the derailleur reached a speed of about 30km/h, the Sprint started to slow down and acceleration was no longer impressive. This can be explained because the Sprint engine uses 1 exhaust valve compared to 2 intake valves, so it will be limited at high rpm. “Sprinting” is like that, accelerating quickly but maintaining a burst in the following speed range is the problem.

Although the weight of up to 120kg is not light, the Sprint surprises the driver by handling all situations very quickly and gently. When running in a straight line at high speeds of 60 km/h or more, the Sprint feels very stable and especially sturdy.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (30).jpgWhen running in a straight line at high speeds of 60 km/h or more, the Sprint feels very stable and especially solid.

Sprint uses a shock absorber system connected to the wheel via a hinge, which Piaggio calls ESS (Enhanced Sliding Suspension). According to the announcement, this new shock absorber system helps reduce the amount of sliding friction by nearly half while also improving the shock absorber journey. Although it is difficult to clearly see how the above system works, in practical experience, it can be seen that Sprint eliminates small vibrations from urban road surfaces quite well, moves very smoothly, and the phenomenon of head shaking when accelerating is also good. no more.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (10).jpgAccording to the parameters given by the manufacturer, Sprint only consumes 1.56 liters/100 km.

An issue that many people are concerned about is the fuel consumption of the 3V ie engine on the Sprint. According to the parameters given by the manufacturer, Sprint only consumes 1.56 liters/100 km. However, during the evaluation process with Vespa Sprint in road conditions in Hanoi, the vehicle consumed fuel about 2.6 liters/100 km. Anyway, fuel consumption of less than 3 liters/100 km for a scooter model is also quite ideal.


With the birth of Sprint, Piaggio has brought balance in choice between male and female customers in Vietnam. Among them, Primavera seems to be more suitable for women thanks to its soft design. Sprint was born again for men with strong lines. Of course, Vespa Sprint 2014 will be a reasonable choice for men who prefer a fashionable and convenient scooter model if it comes with a more affordable price.

“Sprinting” with Vespa Sprint Vespa Sprint 2014 (18).jpgSprint 125 3V ie is priced at 71,800,000 VND, while Sprint 150 3V ie is priced at 83,350,000 VND

Vespa Sprint is currently available in gray, red, blue, white and black color options. The retail price (VAT included) for the Sprint 125 3V ie is 71,800,000 VND, while the Sprint 150 3V ie is priced at 83,350,000 VND.


Mr. Duc (TTTD)
Photo: Le Thang

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