Review of Piaggio Vespa LXV 3V ie 2013 in Vietnam

  • Price: 73,900,000 VND (VAT included) with 2 versions Blue Midnight Blue and Rosso Chianti Red.

As part of Piaggio Vietnam’s engine and technology revolution, the artistic Vespa LXV model has been equipped with an environmentally friendly 3V ie engine, more fuel efficient and quieter.

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Like: Attractive design, more conveniences and 3V ie engine runs quieter than previous generations.

Dislike: The suspension and brakes are quite stiff.

Design, convenience

Since its debut in 2006, Vespa LXV has not had significant improvements in exterior design. But 7 years after its birth, the car’s appearance is still very attractive. In fact, the shape of the Vespa LXV is similar to the Vespa LX model that made Piaggio famous in Vietnam. But the stylized design of the handlebars, saddle and other equipment have adorned the very unique appearance of this model.

The style of Vespa LXV is led from the front of the car with “rustic” handlebars, plated with chrome in the shape of flying bird wings. Basic functions such as horn, lights, turn signals, starter and engine stop knob are placed in function blocks, but the paint on these enclosing blocks is not as delicate as the paint on the car body.

Although not equipped with an electronic speedometer with a digital display system for kilometers traveled, time, fuel, etc. like some Honda and Yamaha products, engineers have cleverly shaped the instrument cluster. The centerpiece of the Vespa LXV has a nostalgic design, in which the anti-theft system indicator light is displayed on the watch face. In addition, the removable headlight style is reminiscent of Vespa’s legendary masterpieces.

In particular, the artistry in the design of the Vespa LXV 3V ie lies in the high-quality leather saddle designed with a classic feel, creating a difference compared to other modern Vespa lines. The stainless steel handle and rack on the back of the vehicle represent a classic touring style combined harmoniously with the monolithic stamped steel frame found only on Vespa models, helping to improve the safety and durability of the vehicle.

Vespa LXV 3V ie is still equipped with a magnetic locking system exclusively developed by Piaggio, single shock absorbers both front and rear, with the front shock absorber having a very special aircraft shock absorber design. The vehicle has a safe electric kickstand and the vehicle only starts when the throttle is completely closed, and the LXV’s seat lock is still placed in the saddle.


For the first time, Vespa LXV is equipped with an advanced 3V engine with electronic fuel injection system. The vehicle uses a 125cc engine, capacity of 7.2 kW at 7,750 rpm, torque of 9.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm, meeting Euro 3 emission standards. Fuel tank capacity 7.5 liter. The manufacturer recommends that users use RON92 or RON95 gasoline.


Thanks to improvements in engine technology, starting system and clutch system, when in idle mode, the engine sound is smooth. When traveling at low speeds below 40 km/h, the steering wheel with wide control angle makes it easy for the driver to control. Engine noise also responds well to the continuously variable transmission when increasing or decreasing the throttle. The LXV’s suspension system still seems a bit “stiff” compared to most roads in Vietnam.

The car’s acceleration is good, but at speeds above 40km/h, it took us a long time to get used to how to control the car when cornering because the front of the car is quite light. Furthermore, because the brake handle is quite hard and is not equipped with a combined braking system, we had some difficulty controlling the car at speeds above 60km/h. However, what’s the point of going fast with a work of art like LXV? Take it slow to enjoy the flavors of life.



With the romantic, nostalgic look of the Vespa line of the 60s of the last century, Vespa LXV deserves to be a star in works of art or fashion shows. It helps you attract eyes when you move and even when stopping. At the same time, revolutions in engine technology make the LVX 3V ie add value in terms of fuel economy and smoother operation. And we wondered, what else do you need for such a work of art!

Technical specifications of Piaggio Vespa LXV 125 3V ie

  • Length x Width: 1,770 mm x 740 mm
  • Saddle height: 785 mm
  • The standard long: 1,280 mm
  • Undercarriage distance from the ground: 95 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 7.5l
  • Waste tank standards: Euro 3
  • Engine type: 3 valve, single cylinder, 4 stroke
  • Fuel supply system: Electronic fuel injection
  • Cylinder capacity: 124.5 cc
  • Maximum capacity: 7.2 KW/7,750 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 9.5 Nm/6000 rpm
  • Fuel used: Gasoline A92 (and A95)
  • Frame: High-strength one-piece stamped steel plate with reinforcing bars
  • Front shock absorber (front fork): Dual-effect single hydraulic shock absorber combined with telescopic spring
  • Rear shock absorber (rear fork): Dual hydraulic shock absorbers with 4-position adjustable telescopic springs
  • Front brake system: 200mm diameter disc brake
  • Rear brake system: Drum brake diameter 110mm
  • Front tire: Tubeless tire 110/70 – 11″

Le Hung (TTTD)

Image: Le Thang

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