Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie

  • Price of Liberty 3 Vie 125 / Liberty 3 Vie 150 / Liberty S 3Vie 125: 57,500,000 VND/71,500,000 VND/58,500,000 VND
  • Selling price of Honda SH Mode: 50,000,000 VND

The birth of Honda SH Mode has a design following fashion trends, while Piaggio Liberty 3V ie is becoming more and more technological, making the “war” in the luxury scooter segment in Vietnam even more attractive.

>> Review of Honda SH Mode 2013

While Yamaha, one of the “three giants” of the motorbike industry in Vietnam, is still standing outside the luxury scooter segment, Kymco, SYM… have not made much of an impression, Honda and Piaggio are having a war. Playing for market share is quite interesting.

The story of gaining market share between Honda Vietnam and Piaggio Vietnam has many similarities with Google and Facebook. While Google holds the number 1 position in the search technology industry, Facebook has no competitors in the field of social networks. In the past few years, Google has been expanding its market share by developing the Google + social network. , while Facebook is also making efforts in search technology to gain market share in online advertising.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125 Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie piaggio-liberty-3v-ie

Honda SH Mode 2013 Piaggio Liberty 125 3V ie

Going back to Honda and Piaggio, everyone knows that Honda possesses technology that makes many competitors jealous, but Piaggio cars have very attractive lines. But in the recent new product introduction event, Honda’s manifesto always emphasized stylish and fashionable features while Piaggio focused on new technologies and fuel savings. Obviously, there is a major investment and product swap between these two companies.


If Liberty 125 3V ie has been deeply imprinted in the minds of users because of its stylish appearance and unmistakable features, then SH Mode is a rookie that first appeared with a noble mission, changing the prejudice about “old looks”. ” by Honda.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie piaggio-liberty-3v-ie

The design of Liberty 125 3V ie is deeply imprinted in users’ minds because of its stylish appearance

That mission was placed on the talented hands of Italy, also the cradle of Piaggio, to bring stylish features to SH Mode. But please imagine with us that if SH Mode appeared in a fashion show, or a cultural event, SH Mode could quietly cower in a corner. Of course, if it is a technology exhibition, SH Mode is a product with smart technology, especially on the car body there are no rough screws. Honda has very cleverly hidden all the screws inside the car’s body.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125 Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie piaggio-liberty-3v-ie

Design and color of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty saddles

Overall, SH Mode still has many bright spots on this new car model. Except for the stylish headlights, the rear mirror has a more Italian style with round mirrors, and the rest is shiny chrome. The plastic part of the footrest, handlebars, rear fenders and saddle – with even rows of embossed threads, are all brown in color, quite similar to the color of similar details on the Liberty.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125

Honda SH Mode in an effort to “fashionize

SH mode has dimensions of 1,930mm long, 669mm wide, 1,105mm high and has a wheelbase of 1,304mm and a ground clearance of 146mm. Seat height of 765mm and weight of 118kg help women have a good driving position and easily maneuver with the bike. While the Liberty 3V ie has overall dimensions of length x width of 1,930 x 705 mm, wheelbase of 1,325 mm, seat height of 775 mm (10mm higher than SH Mode); Self weight 116 kg.

Equipped with engines, technology, utilities

Honda Vietnam has applied all new engine and utility technologies on the new model such as: 125cc ePS engine, capacity 11.2 Nm/8,500 rpm, torque 11.7 Nm/min. 5,000 rpm. Idling Stop engine stop system, electromagnetic starting system (ACG), electric kickstand, electric saddle lock, electric trunk, CBS combined braking system with disc brake mechanism for the front wheels and drums for the rear wheels. The car uses telescopic front shock absorbers, hydraulic shock absorbers, rear shock absorbers are single shock absorbers, cylindrical springs, hydraulic dampers, 5 load modes.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125 Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie piaggio-liberty-3v-ie

Typical functions of the two car models

Piaggio 125 3V ie uses a 125 cc engine, maximum power of 10.3 horsepower at 8,250 rpm. Maximum torque 9.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The most prominent technology of the new Liberty version (Liberty 3 V ie 125, Liberty 3 V ie 150, Liberty S 3V ie 125) is the 3-valve engine that was installed on the LX product in 2012. This is the engine single cylinder, 4 stroke, forced air cooling engine with 3 valves (2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve), and single overhead camshaft integrated with electronic fuel injection system. When starting the vehicle, the Liberty 3V ie throttle must be completely closed, the kickstand is pushed up and of course the ignition key is opened for the user to be able to start the engine. This is one of the vehicle’s high safety features.

Honda SH Mode is equipped with electric locks, has the function of searching the vehicle by signal in the parking lot, combined with a convenient electric trunk opening function, Piaggio Liberty uses a magnetic lock with high safety, but opening the saddle quite inconvenient because the lock is located right on the side of the saddle.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125 Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125

Honda SH Mode has many practical utilities

SH Mode’s fuel tank capacity is 5.5 liters, the fuel tank has an anti-overflow tray and a very reasonable drain hole. The trunk has a capacity of 18 liters to fit a helmet with jaws and a few small personal items. Front/rear tire sizes are 80/90 – 16M/C 43P and 100/90 – 14 M/C 57P, respectively.

Meanwhile, Liberty’s fuel tank is 7 liters and the tray is anti-overflow, but the efficiency of this tray is not as high as SH Mode. The trunk is enough to hold a half-head helmet and some small items. Front/rear tire size: tubeless, 80/90-15″ / 100/80-14″.

Thus, although Liberty is invested in many technologies and utilities, we still rate Honda SH Mode higher in this category.

Operating characteristics

Both products have not much difference in weight and size, but when driving or turning the car manually, SH mode makes it easier to turn because the weight is evenly distributed, while the Piaggio Liberty is quite heavy due to the center of gravity. pushed back a lot by the engine block.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie honda-sh-mode-125

Honda SH Mode operates very smoothly

When starting the engine, with the ACG electromagnetic starter technology, it’s hard to hear the sound of the SH Mode starter, while the Liberty’s starter sound is still as “crispy” as ever. SH Mode’s front end also vibrates less than Liberty 3V ie when idling.

In steady acceleration and fast acceleration mode, Liberty 3V ie has better acceleration than SH Mode, but the smoothness and noise of the engine and transmission system when operating are greater than SH Mode. If SH mode is smooth at all speeds, Liberty 3V ie is rough at the speed range from 15 to 25 km/h. For both boost and forced idle.

Review of Honda SH Mode and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie piaggio-liberty-3v-ie

Piaggio Liberty 3V ie has good acceleration

When cornering at a speed range of 30 – 50 km/h, we are more impressed with SH mode, and so is SH mode’s ability to slow down and stop the vehicle. Due to the combined braking technology of CBS, SH Mode decelerates “smoothly”, while the large Piaggio Liberty’s brake lever is quite hard, so the driver has to apply more force, causing a feeling that is not really comfortable.



Review of Honda SH Mode 125 and Piaggio Liberty 3V ie

Thanks to traditional strengths and new trend innovations, both Honda SH Mode and Liberty 125 3V ie have their own appeal to customers. However, we think SH Mode is only suitable for women, while Liberty is popular with both men and women. Honda SH Mode has an advantage in price when sold at 50 million VND, while the price of Piaggio Liberty 125 3V ie is 7 million VND (57 million VND) higher.

Piaggio Liberty 3V ie technical specifications

  • Dimensions (length x width): 1,930mm x 705mm
  • The standard long: 1,325 mm
  • Saddle height: 775 m
  • Petrol tank capacity: 7 liters
  • Engine: 4 stroke, 3 valves, electronic fuel injection
  • Capacity (version 125; 150): 7.2 Kw / 7,750 rpm; 8.7 Kw / 7,500 rpm
  • Torque (version 125; 150): 9.5 Nm / 6,000 rpm; 12 Nm / 5,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: forced air cooling
  • Transmission box: stepless automatic, V belt
  • Front shock absorber: Hydraulic shock absorbers, telescopic
  • Rear shock absorber: Single damper, dual effect with 4-position adjustable telescopic spring
  • Front brake system: 240 mm diameter disc brake
  • Rear brake system: drums
  • Front/rear tires: tubeless, 80/90-15″ / 100/80-14″

Honda SH Mode 125 technical specifications

  • Weight: 118 kg
  • Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 1,930 x 669 x 1,105 mm
  • The standard long: 1,304 mm
  • Saddle height: 765 mm
  • Vehicle chassis distance from the ground: 146 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 5.5 liters
  • Tire size front/rear: 80/90 – 16M/C 43P 100/90 – 14 M/C 57P
  • Front shock absorber: Telescopic tube, hydraulic shock absorber
  • Rear shock absorber: Cylindrical spring, hydraulic damper, 5 load modes
  • Engine: 124.9 cc, PGM-FI, gasoline, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, liquid cooled
  • Maximum capacity: 8.36 kW/8,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 11.7 Nm/5,000 rpm

Le Hung (TTTD)

Image: Huy Thang

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