Releasing a new version, Honda Air Blade continues to “crush” Yamaha Nouvo

Honda’s launch of the special edition Air Blade 125 Black Edition will make the 2015 Yamaha Nouvo FI 125 feel even more “breathless” in the battle for market share.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to Honda Air Blade 125 Black Edition and Yamaha Nouvo Fi 125 2015.

According to preliminary statistics of the Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (VAMM), in the first 10 months of 2014, Honda Air Bade was the best-selling scooter model with sales of up to 300,000 thousand units. Meanwhile, Yamaha Nouvo only achieved modest sales of 43,000 units, nearly 1/7 of Air Blade.


Launched about 2 months before Air Blade 2015, Nouvo Fi 125 2015 Maintaining the strong, sporty design that has been a tradition on Yamaha vehicles, but there are some changed details to help the vehicle become more youthful and eye-catching. Overall, the car looks more balanced and compact than the previous version.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to

The front of the car focuses on many changes that can be easily recognized. The completely redesigned headlight cluster takes inspiration from high-end sports lines, giving it an impressive appearance. The Halogen lamp set below is used for long-range illumination, the Projector lamp used for near-illumination is placed above. The rear of the car is uniquely designed thanks to the turn signals attached to two wings running along the side of the car, creating a neat and sturdy look.

Meanwhile, Honda Air Blade does not have too many changes in terms of design structure. Maintaining the design towards elegant beauty but no less sharp, Honda Air Blade 125 Black Edition gives users attraction at first sight thanks to the strength and masculinity of the mysterious matte black color.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to

Grasping the trendy color trend, Air Blade has a new and unique color version – matte black, different from conventional paint colors. The smooth paint layer and outstanding car stickers with sharp, delicate red borders running along the body of the car and on the front mask create a mesmerizing appeal. In addition, the red Air Blade logo stands out on the black painted background, along with red shock absorbers and brake calipers, making a strong impression.

The car is equipped with twin projector headlights, allowing 2 bulbs to illuminate at the same time in 2 modes (low beam – high beam). In addition, the technique of guiding light from the navigation light bulb and headlight bulb through the blue inner lens helps increase the vehicle’s clear lighting efficiency. The taillights and brake lights are equipped with sharp LED lights with a combination of transparent outer lenses and blue inner lenses. When turned on, the light emits red LED light to help increase recognition. The exhaust cover with angular and unique lines further enhances the sharp sporty look of the car.

Yamaha’s central clock cluster Nouvo Fi 125 2015 It is still a combination of a traditional analog clock and an LCD electronic screen but has been refreshed in some details compared to the previous generation. LED lights are integrated to illuminate the watch face, new watch bezel, high beam mode indicator light, and the engine check light is circular instead of triangular like before.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to

Nouvo Fi 2015 has a convenient multi-function lock. The function of opening the lock shield is especially convenient when both of the user’s hands are busy carrying things. The lock shield closing mechanism has also been changed from button press to lock rotation. In addition, the lock is also equipped with a glowing LED light to help users easily insert the lock into the lock.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to

There are not too many changes in the body design, so the dashboard on the matte black version of the Air Blade retains the old design.

Car trunk

Storage space is also one of the details that consumers are most interested in when choosing a car. On the 2015 generation, Nouvo still has 2 storage areas, 2 small storage areas located on the front of the car that can store some compact personal items such as gloves, goggles, etc. The main trunk is located below the seat. The vehicle can accommodate 2 half-head helmets.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to Aiir Blade’s trunk is on the left and Nouvo’s is on the right.

The Honda Air Blade 2015 is no less competitive than its competitors as underneath the seat is still a large capacity trunk that can hold 2 half-head helmets and many other personal items. Smart partitions can divide the trunk into 2 separate compartments to help users easily organize their belongings.

Safety equipment

Nouvo 2015 is still equipped with front piston disc brakes and rear drums like on the old version.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to Safety equipment on Nouvo Fi 125 2015.

Honda’s motobike Air Blade 125 2015 is equipped with a combined braking system (Combi Brake). In case only the rear brake is used, the combined braking system will help distribute braking force between the wheel and the rear wheel, bringing peace of mind to the user.


The 2015 Honda Air Blade 125 retains the same eSP-125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled technology engine as on the old version. A number of high and modern technologies are also equipped on the vehicle such as the PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system to help save fuel, the Idling stop temporary engine shutdown system, the engine with an integrated ACG starter, and technology. minimizes friction and the possibility of complete combustion. All of this helps the vehicle’s strong performance increase by 22%.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to

Similarly, the 2015 Nouvo Fi 125 still uses a DiASil insulated single-cylinder engine, 124cc, 4-stroke, electronic fuel injection, and liquid-cooled. The car has a capacity of 10.4 horsepower, maximum torque of 10.5 Nm, and a continuously variable transmission transmitted by belt.

New version released, Honda Air Blade continues to


Honda decided to launch a version Air Blade 125 Black Edition To follow the color trends of the times, it immediately received good reviews from consumers. This promises that this model will continue to dominate the Vietnamese scooter market. However, with its completely new design and highly appreciated powerful engine, the 2015 Yamaha Nouvo Fi 125 will always be a formidable opponent.

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