Piaggio X10 350 – The perfect choice

Possessing an attractive design thanks to soft and attractive curves like the legs of an Italian supermodel, Piaggio X10 of the famous scooter company is officially launched on the market to conquer customers with modern technology and comfort. roof when operating on the road.

With a design aimed at user convenience, the X10 has a storage compartment right under the seat with a capacity of 52 liters, integrated lighting when opened, enough to accommodate 2 half-head helmets. Right below the clock face displaying information, Piaggio has added 3 small compartments to hold compact items, of which the left compartment has a USB connection port and 12V jack.

Highlights of the Piaggio numbers indicate speed and rpm.

The saddle of the Piaggio In addition, the windshield is also designed to help protect the driver from rain, dust and wind. The appearance of the front of the Piaggio

With Piaggio 350cc version, 4-stroke engine, maximum capacity of 32.5 horsepower at 23.7 ft-lb torque. The 500cc version is more powerful with a capacity of 40.5 horsepower and is equipped with an electronic suspension system. Meanwhile, the X10 350i also has an ECO environmentally friendly driving mode, with lower power, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

In particular, the X10 is the first scooter model in Piaggio’s GT line to apply modern technologies such as an anti-slip control system combined with an acceleration slip regulation (ASR) system. The system inhibits the ignition process when the vehicle shows signs of slipping and effectively controls the speed.

The X10 350 is considered quite flexible and agile when operating on streets with dense traffic such as in the city of Paris. The electronically controlled rear suspension system provides a comfortable and stable driving experience for owners in different terrain conditions. The maximum speed that the X10 can achieve is 140km/h with a fuel tank that can hold 15 liters for a distance of 400km.

Equipped with 280mm front and 240mm rear brake discs, the ABS anti-lock braking system is really necessary for the safety of the X10. The X10 Executive version (integrated ASR and ABS system, silver white paint) weighs 200kg.

The outstanding advantage of Piaggio X10 for fans of large displacement scooters is absolute safety thanks to the combination of ABS and ASR features, and convenience for the driver when running long distances. And an equally important factor is the reasonable price that customers can choose when owning a powerful and attractive 350 cc Scooter.

Le Thu (according to PLXH)

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