Piaggio Liberty 3V ie review

  • Price of Liberty 3 Vie 125 / Liberty 3 Vie 150 / Liberty S 3Vie 125: 57,500,000 VND/71,500,000 VND/58,500,000 VND

Try driving the new Liberty 3V ie, you will feel the useful improvements and reliable fuel economy. It cannot be denied that, in addition to the “unique appearance” which is the absolute advantage of Piaggio products, Liberty is now more “cool” thanks to the new 3-valve engine and increased use value.

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In the past, Piaggio Liberty cars appeared in the form of imports through non-genuine commercial companies. This car model has quickly attracted a large number of users, especially young people with economic conditions. There is no denying the appeal of its elegant design, but the non-genuine imported Liberty has not been Vietnameseized much, so there are many problems that are not beneficial to users such as the saddle lock being placed on the right, fuel consumption. high, replacement parts are expensive… however, users are still willing to pay for the “stylish” appearance of this car model.

The Italian car trend revolution only really took place since Piaggio built a product assembly and engine manufacturing factory in Vietnam. Piaggio branded cars have been more localized. At the same time, products are improved to suit Vietnamese consumer habits. The new Liberty 3-valve engine with electronic fuel injection was born and inherited those technologies.

Perhaps the Liberty design is a no-brainer, because in high-class fashion shows, Piaggio’s product colors always go hand in hand and reign in the “golden” position. Something that no other motorbike brand has been able to do.

Piaggio Liberty cars are always beautiful from every angle

Liberty 3V ie almost retains the compact, luxurious design of the imported version, so it quickly creates intimacy with customers. The vehicle has overall dimensions length x width of 1,930 x 705 mm, wheelbase 1,325 mm, seat height 775 mm; 7 liter fuel tank, weight 116 kg.

Compared to the imported version, Liberty has been designed to be more suitable for Vietnamese customers, such as low seat height, large trunk, longer saddle or additional safety electric kickstand, magnetic lock system. Anti-theft with indicator light displayed on the watch face.

Liberty has been designed to be more suitable for Vietnamese customers than the imported version

The most prominent technology of the new Liberty version (Liberty 3 V ie 125, Liberty 3 V ie 150, Liberty S 3V ie 125) is the 3-valve engine that was installed on the LX product in 2012. This is the engine single cylinder, 4 stroke, forced air cooling engine with 3 valves (2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve), and single overhead camshaft integrated with electronic fuel injection system.

The 125 cc engine produces a maximum capacity of 10.3 horsepower at 8,250 rpm; Maximum torque of 9.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm; The 150 cc version has a maximum capacity of 11.7 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 11.2 Nm at 6,250 rpm.

When starting, the noise is smaller thanks to the application of the one-way clutch principle. On the other hand, while starting, if the user accelerates, the sensor will stop the engine from starting to ensure safety. Only when the throttle is completely closed, the kickstand is pushed up and the ignition key is opened can the user start the engine. This is one of the vehicle’s high safety features.

The most impressive thing for us when testing the Liberty 125 3V ie version for 15 days is that the vehicle operates flexibly and smoothly even when running at low speed ranges from 10 to 30 km/h. That’s thanks to improvements in the dry clutch that reduces noise in the powertrain. At speeds from 40 km to 80 km, the car operates smoothly. Good vehicle acceleration thanks to light vehicle weight.

However, we are still not satisfied with Liberty’s cornering ability when the chassis height is high and the single rear shock absorber is quite stiff. Some restrictions on the rear footpegs are not properly positioned, making it easy for the backseat’s shoe tip to rub dirt on the driver’s feet. The anti-fuel spill tray is not really effective and the trunk opening lock is purely mechanical located on the left side of the saddle.

Although many safety improvements have been applied during operation such as electric kickstand, shutdown switch, safe start mode… but Liberty 3V ie does not have a combined braking system. We also have expectations that in the next generations, those features will appear on this fashion product line, in order to provide users with the highest value when owning it.

Fuel consumption of 2.46 liters/100km (Autodaily) is a highlight on the new Liberty 3-valve engine

During use, we also tested fuel consumption. In the condition of using Liberty 125 3V ie to serve the daily needs of 1 person, the total distance traveled is 313km with 7.17 liters. Thus, the equivalent conversion is that the car consumes an average of 2.46 liters/100 km. In our opinion, this is a reasonable fuel consumption level for a luxury scooter model.


Liberty 3V ie has continued its success with its attractive design, and now adds practicality in terms of fuel. The selling price of 57.5 million for the 125cc version and 71.5 million for the 150cc version has created the appeal of the Liberty 3V ie, electronic fuel injection, 3-valve engine in the luxury scooter segment in Vietnam. .

Piaggio Liberty 3V ie technical specifications

  • Dimensions (length x width): 1,930mm x 705mm
  • The standard long: 1,325 mm
  • Saddle height: 775 m
  • Petrol tank capacity: 7 liters
  • Engine: 4 stroke, 3 valves, electronic fuel injection
  • Capacity (version 125; 150): 7.2 Kw / 7,750 rpm; 8.7 Kw / 7,500 rpm
  • Torque (version 125; 150): 9.5 Nm / 6,000 rpm; 12 Nm / 5,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: forced air cooling
  • Transmission box: stepless automatic, V belt
  • Front shock absorber: Hydraulic shock absorbers, telescopic
  • Rear shock absorber: Single damper, dual effect with 4-position adjustable telescopic spring
  • Front brake system: 240 mm diameter disc brake
  • Rear brake system: drums
  • Front/rear tires: tubeless, 80/90-15″ / 100/80-14″

Anh Quan (TTTĐ)

Image: Huy Thang

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