Phoenix R125 – Sports car for young people

The dream of owning a sporty car of many young people has gradually become a reality when the Phoenix car line was launched on the market. This is a product line with many imprints of Vietnamese hands at low prices…

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At the end of April, the large displacement vehicle brand Visitor officially introduced to the Vietnamese market a sports car model called Phoenix R125 that is imported and assembled in CKD form. With three versions: R152, R175 and R250, this sportbike-style model does not hide its ambition to conquer young people who like to express their individuality.


Of the three Phoenix versions launched by Motorrock, version Phoenix R125 attracted quite a lot of attention. The reason is that this car is as cheap as a regular manual car. Even the Rebel USA Notus RC125, which is classified as a low-cost motorcycle for young people, has a higher price than the Phoenix R125. Phoenix R125 is manufactured based on the platform of Genata Motor’s Genata RC125 series with typical design lines of sports cars. If you see a car gliding on the road, you can easily be convinced by the car’s appearance even if you closely observe some details that are not as sophisticated as those of models originating from countries that produce motorbikes. world leading: Honda, Yamaha, Ducati…

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

The front of the car is quite eye-catching thanks to being equipped with a pair of projector lights and semi lights using LED bulbs. With the use of a pair of projector lights and 35W halogen bulbs, the vehicle’s distance and lighting area are better than conventional halogen lights and reflectors. According to our assessment, using a projector is an advantage of the Phoenix R125 compared to competitors in the same segment. This is a detail that is considered trendy when most mid-range motorbikes are aiming for. If you’re willing to play, you only need to spend a moderate amount of money on xenon gloss and your car will have an impressive “window to the soul”. Of course, the effectiveness of the headlights will be much better.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

The front spoiler is shaped like a high cone and is harmoniously coordinated with a pair of “phoenix eye” headlights. This detail is very useful when running at high speed on the highway. Just crouch and turn the throttle, the car will accelerate faster compared to driving common sport city and naked-bike models.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

The rear of the car also has an elegant shape typical of sports racing cars. The rear light cluster uses LED light-emitting diode bulbs to increase the vehicle’s highlight. The two handles are designed quite simply but still ensure functionality to help users easily turn around in small alleys.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

With dimensions of length x width of 2,015 x 970mm, respectively, the Phoenix R175 looks quite imposing compared to its 125cc capacity. The vehicle has a seat height of 818mm and has the ability to adjust the seat height by changing the travel of the monoshock shock absorber. Being able to change the saddle height when raising or lowering the rear shock absorber is very useful, helping to accommodate many body shapes.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

The steering wheel cluster is designed with a wide steering angle, making it easy to control the vehicle. Testing at tight corners, according to our records, cornering is not too difficult. The car easily conquers corners at speeds of 60-70km/h. The control button system on the Phoenix R125 handlebar is also scientifically arranged and easy to use. The car’s center console is designed with information blocks according to sports car standards. The centrally placed rev counter has a somewhat simple interface, to the left of the rev counter is the electronic speedometer, on the other side is the check light.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

However, Phoenix does not have a fuel gauge, only when the car is almost out of gas will the yellow signal light flash continuously. If this function is added, Phoenix will definitely score points in the eyes of players. Our opinion on this point is that this function should be available on the regular version and not only on the special Phoenix R125 Limited version.


In order to clearly separate the differences between the versions, Visitor has separated the difference between the R125 version and the R175 version by using a single cylinder engine on one side and a double cylinder engine on the other. The R125 version is equipped with a 125cc single cylinder engine with a compression ratio of 9.2: 1 with maximum torque of 10.3Nm/7,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the R175 version uses a 168.5cc double-cylinder engine, air-cooled with maximum torque of 14.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

One detail that shows the Vietnamese mark in the Phoenix R125 is that while the “original” Geneta RC125 only achieves a maximum speed of 90km/h, this model uses an engine with some adjusted details such as pistons, transmission system, etc. The new generation IC system should have a maximum speed of up to 118km/h. If you are a player, you can “modify” your IC, mobin… then the speed exceeding 120km/h is a simple matter. That is an advantage of Phoenix R125.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

In addition, while the Geneta RC125 has a rather fragile rear swingarm, this part on the R125 is a massive block. According to the manufacturer, all details on the chassis and bearing arms are made from super-hard steel alloy, which not only helps the vehicle have high rigidity and good compression resistance, but is also light in weight to help control the vehicle. becomes easier.


Although only equipped with a 125cc single-cylinder engine, the Phoenix R125 has good acceleration. You can also easily perform skillful turns at speeds of 60 km/h and even up to more than 70 km/h. On empty roads, try redline, this car reaches a speed of about 112km/h. Compared to the theoretical speed given by the manufacturer of 118km/h, this number seems temporarily acceptable. In fact, if you compare the smoothness of the engine’s operation in operating modes, no load, acceleration, forced idling… compared to Japanese cars, Phoenix cannot match it. But, in terms of acceleration in the 125cc segment, the Phoenix R125 should be given a plus point.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

The special R125 version being developed by Visitor is even more impressive. The manual clutch sports transmission system with 5 transmission levels and 2 gear steps operates quite smoothly. Enter and pay numbers gently. That is also a plus point that most domestic and Chinese car models often suffer from.

The Phoenix R125 has a ground clearance of 155mm and a fuel tank with a capacity of 13.8 liters, allowing the driver to make trips of nearly 500km without stopping to refuel. When performing climbing operations on high curbs, operating the R125 is not too difficult. However, for people under 1.65m tall, if the steering wheel is not strong, they will easily lose their legs and fall. For a sports car product with good weight and acceleration, the braking system plays an extremely important role. It must provide a good braking distance and at the same time the wheels must not lock when braking. The staggered front and rear brake arrangement and large brake discs are important points that help the Phoenix R125 have good braking distance. Furthermore, the front brake uses a mechanical valve brake force regulator, so even if you squeeze and hold the front brake tightly, the wheel will not lock.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125 Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

Phoenix R125 uses hydraulic shock absorbers in the front and monoshock in the rear. The front wheel is sized 100/80-17, and the rear wheel is sized 130/70-17. Thanks to these details, when driving at high speed, the car still feels compact, and vibrations from the road surface do not affect the steering wheel much.

Phoenix R125 - Sports car for young people phoenix-r125

A bit of a pity about the regular version of the Phoenix R125 is the “gentle” exhaust sound, because the car only uses a single cylinder, so it doesn’t have enough “steam” to create the “howl” characteristic of sports motorcycles. Hopefully, in the future, the Phoenix R125 Limited equipped with a twin-cylinder engine released to the market will have “enough steam” to create excitement for sports car enthusiasts. One of the things we enjoyed when testing the regular R125 to Limited versions was that the heat emitted from the engine was not great. In particular, the R125 Limited version is equipped with an oil cooling system. This is a strategic card that not only helps the car reduce the heat emitted from the engine but also increases acceleration performance without having to divide power like a water cooling system.


With the launch of the Phoenix R125, Visitor has partly quenched the youth’s thirst for sports cars. If you have to spend more than 120 million to own a youthful sports car like the Honda CBR125R, then it only costs 52.5 million VND to buy a Phoenix R125, which seems not too much for many people. That is a price advantage that hardly any other motorcycle in the same segment as the R125 has. Some plastic details on the car are not sharp enough, making many people doubt the quality of the Phoenix R125. If the manufacturer continuously improves quality, in the near future this affordable car line for young people will affirm its position in the hearts of consumers.


  • Dimensions length x width: 2,015 x 970 mm
  • Saddle height: 818 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 13.8 liters
  • Engine: single cylinder 4 stroke, 125 cc
  • Torque: 11.5 Nm/ 6,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: forced air cooling
  • Transmission box: manual clutch, 5 levels
  • Front/rear shock absorbers: hydraulic dampers/monoshock
  • Front/rear brake system: plate
  • Front/rear tires: tubeless tire 100/80-17″ / 130/70-17”

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