Nguyen Duc Thanh – “Shy” rookie of Honda Racing Vietnam

When stepping onto the podium of the Blade 110 category at stage 2 of the 2019 Vietnam Motorcycle Racing season (VMRC) taking place at the end of May in My Dinh, Nguyen Duc Thanh shared one of his greatest desires. is to become a Honda Racing Vietnam racer competing at the ARRC Asian Motorcycle Racing Championship. And that has come true.

Sharing by Nguyen Duc Thanh when winning stage 2 of VMRC 2019.

The dream of becoming a Vietnamese racer competing in continental tournaments came to Thanh in an unexpected way. At stage 3 of ARRC 2019, Le Khanh Loc was injured after a collision, causing him to break his femur and need at least half a year to recover. At this time, Honda Racing Vietnam needed additional personnel and the bright name chosen was Nguyen Duc Thanh.

Nguyen Duc Thanh was born on April 14, 1999 in Dong Nai, currently competing in the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship (VMRC 2019). Through the first 2 races of the season, Thanh led with 2 consecutive victories and won 32 absolute points. It is worth mentioning that this racer is a rookie of the VMRC tournament and was previously only known through movement races. It was his cold, stubborn playing style that helped Thanh explode and surpass his opponents.

Nguyen Duc Thanh - Honda Racing Vietnam's Nguyen Duc Thanh won the championship at stage 2 of VMRC 2019.

Thanh is currently at the Suzuka racetrack (Japan) with the Honda Racing Vietnam team to practice and get ready for a memorable “introduction”.

Let’s talk with the “shy” rookie number 193 of Honda Racing Vietnam.

Can Thanh share his feelings when he was chosen to become a Honda Racing Vietnam racer competing at ARRC 2019?

Nguyen Duc Thanh: When I was chosen, I decided right away because this was my burning dream. I feel very proud but also very pressured because of the tight deadline. Even though there are difficulties and challenges, I will try my best to get the best results. I’m also very sorry for Mr. Le Khanh Loc’s injury and wish Mr. Loc a speedy recovery.

When agreeing to become a member of Honda Racing Vietnam competing at ARRC 2019, how did Thanh start training?

Nguyen Duc Thanh - HRV’s trio of racers practice at Dai Nam racetrack.

Nguyen Duc Thanh: My first job is to complete the necessary documents to get my visa in time. Immediately after that, I started practicing with my team, who were together in the first two races of VMRC 2019. Next was the rigorous training process with the Honda Racing Vietnam team at Dai Nam racetrack for physical fitness. strength and competition skills. I want to thank the whole team, especially Mr. Cao Viet Nam for sharing many valuable experiences.

What is Thanh’s goal at stage 4 of ARRC 2019, Thanh’s first international competition?

Nguyen Duc Thanh: My first goal is to keep up with the international competition style in terms of technique, skills, fighting spirit, learn the most and reach the top 20 of the UB150 division.

Thank you Thanh! Wishing you and the whole team good results at Stage 4 ARRC 2019!

Nguyen Duc Thanh - Nguyen Duc Thanh aims to reach the top 20 in the UB150 category in his first competition in the international arena.

Stage 4 of the 2019 ARRC Asian Motorcycle Racing Season will take place at Suzuka racetrack (Japan) on June 29 and 30. Honda Racing Vietnam competes in the UB150 category with 2 riders Nguyen Vu Thanh (#99) and Nguyen Duc Thanh (#193) and the AP250 category with main driver Cao Vietnam (#65).

Livestream link starts at 11:00 on June 29 at:

4banhteam (

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