New Honda SH 125i – “SH body, PCX soul”

When driving the Honda SH, I felt the familiar feeling of driving the PCX: smooth, smooth and good control.

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The Honda SH launch event with a selling price of 65 million for the 125i version and 80 million for the 150i version is probably the most notable event in the motorbike market this year. Because the price is only half that of the previous generation, it is truly attractive for a luxury brand car that has been around for decades in Vietnam. Explaining that, Honda said that they have localized the product up to 93%. But the quality of a luxury scooter line no longer retains the identity of its “predecessor”.

Design, comfort

Although the overall dimensions (2,034 x 740 x 1,152 mm) of the car remain basically the same as the previous generation SH, the ratio between the front of the car and the well-balanced design makes it easy to imagine a Honda LEAD. The front of the SHi has appeared since 2005. Reviewers also asked themselves whether it was an assimilation of form to easily identify the brand like the grille design in the car. steam today or not. Because of that, SH’s appearance is not as stylish as the previous SH.

The front and side proportions are not symmetrical, the rear still retains the familiar features of the previous generation, the logo is large but monotonous.

The car has a larger width, but the body and rear of the new SH still basically retain the familiar features of the previous SH. Only the new stamp logo – big, shiny but with a monotonous design.

Although it has an unstylish appearance, the new SH has practical features for users such as: the side kickstand has an instant shut-off switch as soon as the kickstand is lowered, making the user safer, and an open button. The trunk is located next to the lock like on the Air Blade car. This system appeared for the first time on Honda’s Air Blade line. A useful feature for users on SH is the system to determine the vehicle’s location through pressing the control button on the key. The vehicle’s location will be announced by horn and indicator lights.

The trunk opening button is similar to the Air Blade car, the electric kickstand, the trunk is enough to accommodate a full-face helmet.

Due to the seat height of 799mm, vehicle weight of 134kg plus large size, drivers with a height of 1.7m or more can easily manage and support this product when using it regularly. Japan.


Honda Vietnam announced that the engine equipped for the SH125i is completely new, named eSP, however, when considering the announced indicators and technology, the new SH 125i is no different from the PCX model, even with extreme torque. Maximum power is even lower and achieved at higher rpm than the PCX 125 model. Specifically, the maximum power and maximum torque of the SH125i are 8.7kW/8,500 rpm and 11.2N.m/6,500 rpm. /min, while that of PCX 125 is 8.59 kW/8500 rpm/ 11.7N.m/6,000 rpm.

In terms of technological characteristics, the new SH is similar to the PCX model as the engine is integrated with an ACG starter that operates on an electronic mechanism, simultaneously integrating the starting system and generator to help start and restart. The Idling Stop temporary shutdown system has the ability to automatically shut off the engine, switch to energy-saving standby mode when the vehicle stops for more than 3 seconds and starts smoothly as soon as the driver accelerates again. The only difference with PCX is that Idling Stop is displayed by a bright blue light (A light) on the information panel when in active mode and will turn off when Idling Stop mode is disconnected.

Cooling tank mounted directly to the engine, new generation eSP engine, Idling Stop indicator light is ready to operate (blue letter A).

A notable improvement is that the engine cooling tank is attached directly to the engine block. Therefore, engine heat dissipation will not cause “thigh burning” heat when using the car in the summer like in previous cars.


When turning on the ignition key, the car’s starting sound is quieter due to the use of the ACG electronic starting system. This is also a key part that constitutes the Idling Stop engine stopping system. This new system does not use traditional carbon brushes but uses an electromagnetic mechanism.

The ACG and Idling Stop starting systems help the vehicle save fuel and reduce emissions into the environment when the vehicle is traveling in the city.

The structural parts include a stator consisting of three-phase electric coils wound on iron cores to create a rotating magnetic field, an electromagnet-like rotor rigidly linked to the flywheel, a rotor magnet sensor, and a position positioning sensor. position between stator and rotor. When starting, current will be supplied through the stator coil, creating a magnetic field that rotates the rotor magnet. Because the rotor, flywheel and engine crankshaft are rigidly linked together, the rotor rotates, causing the crankshaft to rotate and the engine to start. As soon as the engine starts, the sensor sends a signal to the control ECU to cut off the current to the rotor. At this time, the stator will rotate due to the magnetic field generated in the rotor and it acts as an alternating current generator to supply the vehicle’s electrical system and charge the battery. Because there is no friction during starting, this system operates very smoothly.

The car does not have the ability to accelerate quickly, at high speeds the noise from the clutch and transmission belt is loud.

During testing, we were also really impressed with Honda’s Idling Stop system and ACG starter system. Continuously during operation, every time you stop for 3 seconds, the car automatically turns off the engine and just near the light throttle, the car starts up again. We even tested it 30 times in a row and the system still worked smoothly. In idle mode, there is very little vibration on the steering wheel and body, the engine’s sound is smooth but not as crispy as previous generations of SH. When accelerating steadily in the speed range of 0-20-40-60-80 km/h, the car accelerates smoothly and smoothly, the rotation of the throttle gives the driver a good feeling. If you accelerate hard, the SH125i cannot create a surge and the noise from the clutch and transmission system is loud.

In an empty space to ensure safety, we tested the car’s maximum speed at only 115km/h. In fact, during testing, when we accelerated from 90 km/h or more, it took a long time to reach a speed of over 100 km/h. The impressive point in the SH125i’s operating features is that in forced idle mode, that is, when the driver reduces the throttle, or even closes the throttle completely, the vehicle decelerates very smoothly, without any noticeable jerking or jerking. even when the clutch is disengaged.

Although it does not have impressive acceleration, the car’s suspension system works well. We tested slalom at a speed of 40km/h and cornering at a speed of 50km/h and found that the vehicle’s balance was very good, especially when changing direction of movement. On the other hand, that is also achieved because the car uses large tires (front wheel: 100/80 -16 M/C 50P/rear wheel: 120/80 -16 M/C 60P). Thanks to the chassis height of 144 mm, the new SH is suitable for use in large cities in Vietnam.

The highlight of SH’s safety features is the CBS combined braking system with disc brakes equipped on both front and rear wheels. You can easily brake the car from a speed of 80km/h without losing the vehicle’s balance. Furthermore, if you brake tightly, the brake force regulator will prevent the wheels from locking and causing loss of control. That feature helps the driver to be able to both grip the corner and apply the brakes while still keeping the vehicle in good control.

Ground clearance height of 144 mm, comfortable driving position for people with a height of 1.7 m or more.


Possessing many advanced amenities like the PCX model, carrying a luxury scooter brand, and selling at only half the price of the previous generation, it is understandable that SH will succeed in the Vietnamese market.


  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 2,034 x 740 x 1,152 mm
  • The standard long: 1,340mm
  • Saddle height: 799 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 7.7 liters
  • Weight: 134 kg
  • Engine: 124.8cc, PGM-FI, Gasoline, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, liquid cooled
  • Wattage: 8.7kW/8,500 rpm
  • Torque: 11.2N.m/6,500 rpm
  • Transmission box: Stepless
  • Front shock absorber: Telescopic tube, hydraulic shock absorber
  • Rear shock absorber: Cylindrical spring, hydraulic damper
  • Front/rear brake system: Hydraulic disc
  • Front/rear tires: 100/80 -16 M/C 50P / 120/80 -16 M/C 60P

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Le Hung (TTTD)

Image: Huy Thang

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