Manual clutch bike CDR125 – 5 points that make the difference

  • Price: 29,600,000 VND

Reasonable price, small and unique design, powerful engine, flexible operation, many sports features… Those are the points that make a difference for a 125cc manual transmission model, priced less than 30 million same as RebelUSA Mini CDR125.

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1. Different from the design

The point that makes the difference and makes the first impression when seeing the RebelUSA Mini CDR125 is its compact body. If compared to manual clutch motorcycle models with a cylinder capacity of 125cc, it is true that the CDR 125 has a design “like no other”.

The car is quite small in stature compared to a normal person

Possessing dimensions of length x width x height of 1,950 x 690 x 1,020 (mm) and a saddle height of only 660 mm, the Mini CDR125 is very suitable for both men and women or those who love motorbikes but have a modest stature. The car is designed in a cafe racer style with a classic look but no less strong and sporty.

The design of the front of the car stands out with classic round headlights, located separately from two turn signals. The steering wheel is simply designed and quite wide, providing comfort when driving the vehicle. The saddle is designed seamlessly, compact and soft. The driver’s position is slightly lower than the rear passenger. Although small, the saddle fits two people perfectly.

The rear of the car is also simply designed, with a small rear handle. The rear fender is designed to be much higher than the wheel. Using large wheels both front and rear makes the car look much “chubby”. Meanwhile, the display cluster is modernly designed, displaying all parameters via an electronic screen.

The small appearance makes a difference to the car when traveling on the road

The entire engine assembly is fully shown without the outer casing. The highlight of this area is the rather strange machine protection frame, making the overall vehicle different from other motorbike models on the road.

2. Small, easy to control

The compact design not only creates personality for the car but also contributes to making a difference when operating. Small vehicles carry the weight of light vehicles.

The car brings quite an interesting feeling to the driver

The vehicle’s compact body and low seat height help the driver comfortably put both feet on the road when the vehicle stops or parks. The steering wheel is well designed, helping to control the car in the street or on the boulevard without any difficulty.

One interesting thing about driving the CDR125 is the vehicle’s flexibility when moving in crowded neighborhoods. However, when stopping at a red light in a crowded area, you feel like you are “lost” among other vehicles. Although compact, the car’s chassis is designed just enough to be able to climb sidewalks without touching the chassis.

The CDR125 is small but is equipped with large tires so it can move in many types of terrain very easily

On rough roads in the suburbs, the driver still feels comfortable driving at slow speeds. The car body and steering wheel vibrated slightly, but did not bring any discomfort when driving on bumpy dirt roads. Thanks to the large tires and properly designed steering wheel, the cornering process is very comfortable and safe, even when the vehicle’s speed is quite high.

3. Unexpectedly strong

Many people think that a small car like the Mini CDR125 probably only uses a 50cc engine like Honda’s Chaly or Monkey models. On the contrary, although small, CDR is equipped with an engine with a capacity of up to 125cc.

The vehicle’s engine is a 4-stroke, 124 cc

The vehicle’s engine is a 4-stroke, 124 cc, double-cylinder, with a capacity of 8.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 10 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

This parameter allows the driver not to feel any difficulty in speed when moving in the street. Overtaking is also very easy with just a slight acceleration in gear 4. Besides, the loud, crisp sound of the car’s exhaust resonates with each twist of the throttle, bringing a feeling of excitement to the driver.

4. Possesses many sports features

Although considered a low-cost car, the Mini CDR125 still possesses the equipment and features for modern high-end motorcycles. The vehicle is equipped with tubeless tires, an electronic LCD display clock system with full parameters of rpm, fuel indicator, speed, itinerary… like other sports motorcycles today.

The up-side-down hydraulic spring front suspension system, combined with the front disc brake system and rear drum brake system, provides high safety for users. In the 2013 upgraded version, the CDR 125 also had its exhaust pipe changed, with a new design, chrome-plated to avoid rust.

5. Reasonable price

By launching a compact manual bike but equipped with a powerful engine, the manufacturer RebelUSA has given the CDR 125 a unique position, different and unique when compared to manual clutch models. has a 125cc engine capacity currently on the market.

The price of 29.6 million VND is considered quite affordable for those who want to own a powerful manual transmission vehicle with a unique design.

Mini CDR125 is currently imported and assembled in CKD form. The car is being widely sold at the chain of stores specializing in large displacement vehicles Motorrock and Rebel USA dealers nationwide at a price of 29,599,000 VND for the regular version and 32,490,000 VND for the upgraded version. Track-D package. This is considered a fairly reasonable price for those who want to own a powerful manual transmission vehicle with a unique design and very flexible movement in the city.



  • Dimensions length x width:1,950 x 1,020 mm
  • Saddle height: 660 mm
  • Undercarriage distance: 180mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 9 liters
  • Engine: 124 cc, 4 stroke, twin cylinder
  • Maximum capacity: 8.5 Kw/8,000 rpm
  • Torque: 110.0/5,500-6,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: forced wind
  • Transmission box: manual clutch, 5 levels
  • Front/rear shock absorbers: Hydraulic spring fork
  • Front/rear brake system: single/drum
  • Front/rear tires: 120/70-12

The Dat (TTTD)
Photo: Le Thang

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