Initial review of the new Piaggio Liberty

  • Price of Liberty 3 Vie 125 / Liberty 3 Vie 150 / Liberty S 3Vie 125: 57,500,000 VND/71,500,000 VND/58,500,000 VND

Using 3-valve engine, electronic fuel injection – Technological improvements have brought performance and fuel economy to the latest generation Liberty line.

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Still retaining the famous elegant and trendy Italian style, Piaggio’s flagship product now has new technologies added to increase user value.

Piaggio Liberty always attracts young people with its fashionable design

The most prominent technology of the new Liberty version (Liberty 3 V ie 125, Liberty 3 V ie 150, Liberty S 3V ie 125) is the 3-valve engine that was installed on the LX product in 2012. This is the engine single cylinder, 4 stroke, forced air cooling engine with 3 valves (2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve), and single overhead camshaft integrated with electronic fuel injection system. Piaggio Vietnam’s media representative said that the crankshaft design is a new type, the camshaft is supported by bearings and roller-type valve rocker arms help significantly reduce friction, thereby increasing the engine’s performance. engine and reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% compared to older generation engines. The 3-valve engine is lighter in weight than the previous generation 2-valve engine.

The new engine has fuel consumption reduced by up to 30% compared to the old generation engine

In addition, 3-valve technology allows for quick acceleration times and greater maximum speed. The most impressive thing for us when testing (both engine versions with a capacity of 125 cc and 150 cc) is the new Liberty ie 3-valve engine and improvements in the dry clutch to help the vehicle operate flexibly. and smoother even when running at low speed ranges from 10 to 30 km/h. However, we are still not satisfied with Liberty’s cornering ability when the wheel size is large, the chassis height is high and the single rear shock absorber is quite stiff.

The new Liberty operates smoothly and quietly at low speed ranges from 5 to 20 km/h

Compared to the imported version, Liberty assembled in Vietnam has been designed to be more suitable for Vietnamese customers, such as low seat height, large trunk, longer saddle or additional safety electric kickstand. , anti-theft magnetic lock system with indicator light displayed on the watch face. The car’s starting noise is also smaller thanks to the application of the one-way clutch principle. On the other hand, while starting, if the user accelerates, the sensor will stop the engine from starting to ensure safety. Only when the throttle is completely closed, the kickstand is pushed up and the ignition key is opened can the user start the engine. This is one of the vehicle’s high safety features.

The car has a safe throttle sensor, the seat lock is still opened with the key in the traditional style, and the trunk is not too spacious in terms of space.

But above all, Piaggio branded products always create a unique rhythm of life in the hearts of two-wheeled vehicle enthusiasts. And when it comes to Liberty, we also understand that it is not simply a car, but it also represents the soul, the place where fashion features are deposited.



  • Dimensions (length x width): 1,930mm x 705mm
  • The standard long: 1,325 mm
  • Saddle height: 775 m
  • Petrol tank capacity: 7 liters
  • Engine: 4 stroke, 3 valves, electronic fuel injection
  • Capacity (version 125; 150): 7.2 Kw / 7,750 rpm; 8.7 Kw / 7,500 rpm
  • Torque (version 125; 150): 9.5 Nm / 6,000 rpm; 12 Nm / 5,000 rpm
  • Cooling system: forced air cooling
  • Transmission box: stepless automatic, V belt
  • Front shock absorber: Hydraulic shock absorbers, telescopic
  • Rear shock absorber: Single damper, dual effect with 4-position adjustable telescopic spring
  • Front brake system: 240 mm diameter disc brake
  • Rear brake system: drums
  • Front/rear tires: tubeless, 80/90-15″ / 100/80-14″

Mr. Quan (TTTD)

Image: Huy Thang

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